Break-ups are hard, so if you must end your relationship, make sure you do it one of these 11 times. 

End of the year 

Everyone knows December is the best time to cut people off. Make sure you do it early enough, so they can use Christmas jekuje to get over you. 


If you couldn’t break up with your partner in December, try January. They’ll be too busy trying to survive the month to hate you, and they’ll not expect any Valentine package from you. 

Valentine’s Day 

Imagine being dumped on lover’s day? They’ll see the humour in it in the future. And whenever someone asks them what they got on that year’s Valentine, they can say breakfast. 

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Your birthday 

Because no one said you couldn’t break up with them on your own birthday. Make sure you collect your gift before you tell them you’re not doing again sha.

Relationship anniversary 

Wait till your anniversary and break up. This way, they won’t associate the break up date with bad memories alone. 

House party 

We all know Nigerians must play truth or dare at parties. Choose “truth” when it’s your turn, and tell them you’re not doing again. 

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Independence day 

Because how can you be celebrating independence while you’re living in bondage? 

On a Monday 

They already don’t like Mondays, so what’s a little heartbreak to go with it? We advise you pick one close to month end, so they’d have money to get comfort food

April fool’s day 

So if they ask you to return all the gifts they’ve given, you can say it was a prank. 

On a Sunday 

Tell them you saw it in a revelation, simple. They won’t even try to argue with you because what good partner asks you to disobey God?

At a wedding

That way, they can easily find your replacement there. 

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