Soft launching a partner on social media is letting people know you’re not single like the rest of them, without explicitly revealing who you’re with. You give the people just enough but not too much. 

Soft launches are great for many reasons, but most importantly because it prevents your village people from doing the most in your relationship. It’ll prevent them from interfering in the following ways.

Knowing who you’re with 

Sometimes, you really don’t want people to know who you’re currently in a relationship with. If they do, they start acting weird and moving different to the person. 

They can’t cast you if you cheat 

With a soft launch, you can post multiple people at the same time and people will think it’s all the same person. When your other partner asks about the image, you can say it’s a friend or you don’t know the person. 

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Arrow misdirection  

Any arrow they want to send your partner’s way won’t even know where to go because even the village people don’t know who to send it to. 

Spreading inaccurate information 

Because your village people don’t know who exactly you’re with, all the gossip they spread about the relationship will be exposed as a lie. 

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Exposing your fans 

The people invested in your life and romance will be exposed. How? They’ll start asking questions and trying to piece together what did not break. Now, you know the people monitoring your every move. 


A soft launch is like a trial period. If the person decides to fuck up during that time, you don’t have to try too hard to delete the cute pictures you have on your social media. Also, cropping them out will be easier because there’s barely any part of them in the image. 

Finding the love of your life 

With a soft launch, the actual love of your life knows it’s not so serious that they no longer have a chance with you. They’ll just have a heads up that someone might snatch you from them. This prompts them to act fast to give you your fairytale love. Don’t let the person you’re with stop you from finding your happily ever after.

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