Sometimes, cheating partners get sloppy. An unlocked phone here, a wrong text there, and your position as their side chick gets exposed. As a side chick, you have to always stay ready, because it can happen at any time.

From information shared with us from side chicks, here’s the line of action to take once your position as a side chick has been compromised.

If you’re in a relationship, make sure your partner is aware 

They might be tempted to “expose” you to your own partner. Beat them to it. That way, there’ll be no news to break, and they can’t “ruin” your own life. 

Assess your partner’s main partner and their friends

Remember everything you’ve heard about their partner. That way, you can assess the kind of action they might take if they found out about you. If the person is known to be crazy, you might need to change states. Your due diligence should also include their friends. Once you’ve done that, you can carry out the next line of action. 

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Don’t sub them on social media 

Subbing the partner will only cause problems for you. Don’t post lyrics that relate even remotely to romance and love. Stick to Portable

Don’t lock your social media accounts 

Leave your account wide open. Locking it means you have something to hide. You don’t. They’ll go through your account to find hints that you were being used to cheat. Let them. It could be their own form of closure. Plus, they found out before you, so they’ve already created a locked burner account to follow you. 

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Post your hottest picture 

The main chick might be tempted to say things like, “Look at this ugly fool they cheated on me with”. You’re many things, but ugly isn’t one of them so post and shut that part down. This is the only thing you should do that’s remotely related to a statement on the matter and make sure you don’t use a shady caption. 

Don’t post your location 

People can be tempted to move like evil spirits, and you don’t want your white to be stained in public. If you’re at an event, make sure you’re with people who won’t let some random fight you outside, just in case. 


On second thought, once the news breaks out, go on leave and travel to a new location for at least two days. Your enemies might try, but don’t allow them to use their own to spoil yours. 

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