Sex Life is an anonymous Zikoko weekly series that explores the pleasures, frustrations and excitement of sex in the lives of Nigerians.

Whether you’ve been reading Zikoko Sex Life for two years or you’re reading it for the first time today, here are some stories you must enjoy at least twice.

1. Awakening My Bisexuality At 27

I remember when we were making out, it was so intense that I suddenly felt the urge to tell this complete stranger that I loved him.  I figured it was just a fluke that came in the heat of passion, but for the next couple of days, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. 

After unexpectedly making out with a guy at a party, this 27-year-old had a bisexual awakening. Now, he feels like he has hit reset on life.

2. Using Kayan Mata Aphrodisiac To Improve My Sex Life

When this 28-year-old was a teenager, the fear of her mum finding out someone had touched her breast kept her from exploring sex. Six days after her wedding, she was ready to tackle sex by the horns. Why did it take six days? Find out here.

3. I’ve Had 3 Sugar Daddies Since I Got Married

I did not start out with the intention to cheat. I have had difficulties carrying a pregnancy to full term — I’ve had seven miscarriages and we’re still childless. In my husband’s nonchalant attitude towards joining me in finding a lasting medical solution, I met an older man. The first of three older men. 

This 39-year-old heterosexual woman has only ever enjoyed sex with older men. Since she got married 10 years ago, she’s only enjoyed sex with her sugar daddies. Read her story here.

4. Settling Down After A Body Count Of Over 350

You know how this story goes now. I entered university and started rolling with ‘bad boys’.

This 34-year-old had been married for five years when we had this interview. You’re probably wondering how he’s managed to stay with one person and what his sex life is like with this person. Well, find out here.

5. Women Keep Making Fun Of My Penis Size

I sent a babe my nudes using the best angles ever, she sent me really positive feedback. I thought we were cool. A few days later, she blocked me everywhere.

This 24-year-old heterosexual man feels the size of his penis is preventing him from living his best sex life. He talks about how being shamed by multiple women has scarred him and what he’s learnt to do to please women.

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