Everyone talks about monogamous relationships as if they’re the best type of relationships. But are they, really? Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Pro: Intimacy 

You’ll have a deep personal connection with just one person, and all your time and attention will go to them. All the love and sweet romance will be shared between you two and you two alone.

Con: Potential frustration 

The same way the romance will be between two of you is the same way the fights will be between you. At least in a non-monogamous relationship, if one partner annoys you, you’ll just go and cuddle with another partner to feel better. 

Pro:  You don’t have to worry about your partner getting jealous about your other partner

If you’re in a non-monogamous relationship, there’s a chance you may get jealous about someone else your partner is dating. Or you may have a partner who’ll get jealous of someone you’re dating. You’ll tell your partner that you’re having dinner with Tunde the tech bro and and your KPMG boyfriend will now start squeezing face. 

Con: Boredom

One person for the rest of your life??? Omo, you’ll get so used to them. In a non-monogamous relationship, you can have different experiences with multiple partners and experience different types of personalities, both those that are normal and those that are mad. You’ll never be bored. 

Pro: You’ll only have to share your food with one person

You’ll only have to share your chickwizz with one person. If this isn’t a major pro, I don’t know what is. Can you imagine having to share the food you’re already managing with multiple partners?

Con: Your food may still finish

Just because you’ll be sharing food with one person doesn’t mean that your food won’t finish o. Also, in a monogamous relationship, you’ll miss the chance of having multiple people cook for you or buy you food.

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Pro: You’ll save money

Everybody knows that relationships cost money. But at least, in a monogamous relationship, you’ll only be spending money on one partner. Although we need to also mention that that one partner can finish all your money sha, so it’s dicey. 

Con: You’ll only be receiving gifts from one person

Just as you’ll be spending money on only one person, you’ll also receive gifts from only one person. You’ll miss the chance of receiving a PS5 as a gift from one partner and new pair of shoes from your second partner. Can’t eat your cake and have it, my dear.

Pro: Maximum of one heartbreak at a time

In a monogamous relationship, only one person will serve you breakfast. You’ll cry and eventually move on. But imagine if all the people you’re dating break up with you around the same time. Where do you want to start from??

Con: Deeper Heart break

If your sole partner serves you breakfast, you go feel am, and you’ll be single and alone again. If it were in a non-monogamous relationship and one partner broke up with you, you might have another partner to console you. 

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Pro: Only one person will stress you

Only one person will call you in the middle of the night to rant about how a co-worker annoyed them. Only one person will stress you out with mood swings or will get upset over missed calls or late text replies. 

Con: Sexual enjoyment may be limited

You may end up dating someone who you truly love but the person may not be able to match up to your libido or may not be willing to explore your sexual kinks. What do you then do? In non-monogamous relationships you have the opportunity to try out different sexual things with different partners.

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