Being a sugar baby — generally being a sex worker — involves a lot of stress, but for this article, we’re going to focus on one of the highlights of the trade: getting expensive gifts.

We asked six sugar babies what the most expensive gift they’ve ever received from a client is.

Ben, Gay.

So in 2019, I was seeing this man. I met him on Tinder, then I discovered he had a wife and, more importantly, had money. One day, I told him my old laptop packed up, and I was broke. It was a half-lie — I was broke, but my laptop was fine. I just thought, at most, he would give me part of the money to get a laptop. Next time we saw, he gave me a brand new Macbook Air. I screamed. 

Anna, Straight.

Okay so it wasn’t one gift, but I was dating this guy when I moved to Abuja. He told me he wanted to come over, but I told him I couldn’t host people because I didn’t have furniture yet. He said that was my business and came over. The next week, oga took me to a furniture showroom and told me to pick what I wanted. That’s how I got a whole furnished apartment.

Irene, Straight.

My best gift was from this guy who was heavily into being dominated. We used to do extreme stuff all day. He’d stand while I was on my laptop and would only move when I told him to. He got me an apartment on the Island — really great and expensive space. But the absolute best gift was the camera and lenses he bought me to kickstart my photography career.

Nneka, Bisexual.

I don’t know if this counts but on my 25th birthday, in November 2019, my sugar daddy spoiled me silly. Plane tickets to Cape Verde, paid for our lodgings and, on the trip, he got me a new iPhone and took me shopping. He’s an oil and gas worker and my birthday collided with his time off. I was extremely lucky. I don’t think I have had that kind of luck since. 

Boma, Straight.

I met him on Houseparty funny enough. I had a boyfriend then, but the guy and I started talking and Facetiming regularly during the early months of the pandemic. One day, he said he wanted me to be his, and I jokingly told him that he needed to make it worth my time. He asked if I had CashApp, I told him Nigeria doesn’t have that, so he used WorldRemit and sent $1000. It was almost N500,000. We haven’t met yet but once travel restrictions ease up more, I’ll be meeting him and living my best sugar baby life.

Onyinye, Straight.

Does rent count? My London rent and Lagos rent combined is about N20 million and he pays for it. £2,000 per month for 11 months in London excluding the upkeep he gives me. Then my Lagos rent is N10 milion. But upkeep do usually enter voicemail as I’m in Lagos and he’s not pressing breast anymore.


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