Love Life is a Zikoko weekly series about love, relationships, situationships, entanglements and everything in between.

I started writing Love Life in August of this year and I’ve suffered a lot of “God, when?”, “God, what?” and “God, how?” 

Listening to people describe their romantic relationships has been fun and each story holds a special place in my heart, but out of the hundreds, here are the top 10 most-read stories of this year. 

1) Love Life: She Used Food and Netflix to Get Into My Heart 

“Cynthia*, 30, and Ezinne*, 29, have been dating for six months. On Love Life, they talk about getting in touch after reading each other’s stories on Zikoko and falling for each other despite being married.”

This is one of those love stories you read and a part of you goes “hmm”. On one hand you’re happy for the love and the other, you just keep thinking about the people getting hurt along the way. 

2) Love Life: Therapy Helped Us Be Better For Each Other 

“Salem, 26, and Precious, 26, have been dating for three years. For Love Life, they talk about meeting on Instagram, starting a long distance relationship and couple’s therapy.”

Most times when you hear about couple’s therapy, it’s from the pov of a married couple. It’s interesting to see there are people who aren’t married but are willing to try couple’s therapy just so they can work out. 

3) Love Life: We Don’t Have to Fight to Understand Each Other 

Uju, 45, and Sirry, 40, have been dating for five months. On Love Life, they talk about meeting on Twitter, navigating dating as older women with kids and being in an intercultural relationship.

Dating is hard enough, but dating with children? I can’t even begin to imagine. However, that’s Uju and Sirry’s reality. It’s interesting to see just how much the dynamics of dating changes with age and children in the mix. 

4) Love Life: We’d Been Committed to Each Other Long Before We Started Dating

“Uyai, 33, and Ayo, 28, have been dating for a year. On Love Life, they talk about meeting on Instagram, dating each other while they were in primary relationships, and eventually, breaking up with those partners to be together.”

Have you ever met someone and just known they were the one? If you have, you’d probably understand exactly how Uyai and Ayo felt. If you haven’t, well you should read so you’ll know what it’s like. 

5) Love Life: The Day We Started Dating Is the Day I Stopped Smoking

“Naomi, 27, and Chiby, 28, have been dating for two years. On Love Life, they talk about meeting in secondary school, remaining friends and finding love in each other at South.”

It’s interesting to see the lengths people will go for love. I wonder if there’s anything I’ll be able to give up because I fell in love with someone. 

6) Love Life: We’re Deliberate About Our Faith

“Seun, 23, and Àdìó, 26, have been dating for four months. On Love Life, they talk about meeting at Salt and Light Christian camp, how they flirted their way into a relationship after a seven-year old friendship and reuniting physically on Valentine’s day this year.”

7) Love Life: I Didn’t Want to Date Him Because I Didn’t Want to Bleed on Him

“Olanrewaju*, 27, and Temi*, 27, have been dating for a year. On Love Life, they talk about meeting on Twitter, starting a relationship after reading a Zikoko article and  their plans for the future.”

Note: Second couple on this list to find love through a Zikoko article. We’re not saying there’s a pattern, but…

8) Love Life: She Played Ludo With My Heart for One Month

“Opeyemi, 30, and Sandra, 27, dated for a year and seven months before getting married. On Love Life, they talk about starting a relationship in the DMs, a horrible first date at Opeyemi’s house and why their families and close friends found out they were getting married on Twitter.”

I think this is one of the most turbulent relationships we’ve had the pleasure to publish. 

9) Love Life: She Fits Me Like a Glove

“Jola, 25, and Oyin, 26, have been dating for a year. On Love Life, they talk about meeting on Twitter, becoming friends and talking for nine months before starting a relationship where they still haven’t had a fight.”

10) Love Life: We Became Lovers by Accident

“Murphy, 25 and Susan, 22 have been together for almost five years. This week on Zikoko’s Love Life, they talk about dating by accident, breaking up at least three times, and getting engaged.”

How many breakups is too many breakups? According to this couple, three breakups is definitely not too much. 

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