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Seun, 23, and Àdìó, 26, have been dating for four months. Today on Love Life, they talk about meeting at Salt and Light Christian camp, how they flirted their way into a relationship after a seven-year old friendship and reuniting physically on Valentine’s day this year. 

What’s your earliest memory of each other?

Àdìó: The first time I saw her was at church camp in 2010. It’s a camp where teenagers gather to connect and learn about the bible. She was the finest girl in the camp as far as I was concerned. 

Seun: LOL. The first time I proper saw him, I noticed he was very active at camp — egbon was in drama club, music club and press club. He was also a very fine boy. Every time I saw him with Bola, I said hi.

Who is Bola in this union?

Àdìó: Her camp big sister, who was my friend. I told her I liked Seun. She thought I was joking and warned me to keep my foolishness from the babe. 

I didn’t tell Seun I liked her though. I didn’t think she’d like me too. We just maintained a shallow friendship on camp until she came to University of Ibadan four years later, when I was 300 level. 

Seun: Seeing him somewhere other than camp was nice. Our departments were opposite each other, and so we ran into each other often. We’d gist for a bit before going our separate ways. On one of those days we saw, we exchanged numbers. We also saw each other at camp during summer. At that point, I liked him but I didn’t think he liked me too, so it wasn’t something I planned to explore. 

When did the exploration begin, Indiana Jones?

Seun: After our collective graduations. He graduated in 2018. 

Àdìó: And stopped going to camp. She stopped too. I think life happened and we just outgrew it. This meant we stopped seeing each other as often as we used to. We moved our conversations to Whatsapp. I’d see her status and reply. I always tell her, “Omo, you are a fine babe o.” She’d laugh it off. 

I still wasn’t sure if she liked me too. In 2019, she left Nigeria to Scotland for her master’s, and I was in another relationship, so I never gave it any thought. I didn’t bother telling her I liked her. I just continued hyping her on WhatsApp. 

When she finished her master’s by the end of November 2021, I video called her. She looked beautiful as usual. I asked her to send me selfies because she looked amazing. She did and I was like, “Give me your daddy’s number. I want to check something.” 

What did you say, Seun? 

Seun: That I’d send it and he should discuss well with my daddy. He laughed and said, “This babe, you’re dangerous. That’s how I’ll flirt with you until I fall in love.” I said, “What’s the problem with that?” At this point, it clicked. I could tell that he liked me too.

Àdìó: After that conversation, I called my friend and told him about it. From the way Seun was talking on the phone, I knew she was feeling me, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right time for a new relationship because I was still recovering from the breakfast served in the last one.

My friend wasn’t opposed to the idea of starting something with Seun, and when I prayed about it, there was no pushback in my spirit. Rather I felt at peace. 

Later that night, after I had spoken to three of my friends about her, she sent me a text message saying I had planted a seed in her heart. I was like, “Sorry o, which seed are you talking about? Are you into horticulture?” She called me a crazy person and explained what she meant: she liked me and had been toying with the idea of us dating since our conversation in the afternoon. 

Ahn ahn, a match made in heaven. 

Seun: LOL. We talked about our feelings for each other for three hours before going to bed. 

Àdìó: We decided that we’d give dating a try. The plan was to take things slow. We didn’t want our friendship to end because our relationship didn’t work out. We also talked about what being in a relationship would look like for us. We’d have to communicate more and be the couple that’s accountable to each other. 

Love life: Adio and Seun

How has that played out so far?

Seun: I have been enjoying myself in this relationship. Let’s start with the fact that the boy is just fine anyhow. Then, he’s a Jesus baby. He’s also kind and thoughtful. Some days after we started talking, I told him I hadn’t had Star Radler and Minimie chinchin in over a year. Only God knows how he sent them to me along with onion flavour Indomie from Nigeria to Scotland. I was so stunned at the lengths he was willing to go for me. 

He’s also a very funny person. He does the best British and South African accents. I’m always laughing when I am talking to him, and I love that for me. 

Àdìó: Honestly, the past four months have been amazing.  She’s everything I want in a partner. She’s hilarious and dramatic like me, so it’s nice to find someone that matches my energy. She’s also so beautiful. Jesus Christ. I saw her two days ago, and her beauty slapped my face. 

Na wa. 

Àdìó: LOL. I’m not even lying. It shook me and I was like, wow, I’m clearly winning. 

I also love how dedicated she is to God. Her faith in Him makes my own faith grow. She makes sure our decisions align with God’s plans for our lives. I’ve been so at peace with her. She’s very encouraging and reassuring. 

I could actually go on for days. But long story short she makes me want to do better and be better. A better Christian, friend, person. I call her my thanksgiving. Somebody say Oluwa Seun.

Seun: LMAO. I agree. He is my accountability partner. You know what they say about iron sharpening iron?

It’s why I came back to Nigeria. 

Hold up. Let’s take a deep breath and explore that please. 

Seun: Yes, love gingered me to come back to Nigeria. Before graduation, I had already booked my flight for Novemeber 2021. The plan was to come home and see my family, but then I got a job that required me to stay in Scotland. I wasn’t too upset about not being able to come back to Nigeria until we started dating. I wanted to see him so as soon as my probation ended, I booked a flight for February 13th. That was the earliest date I could find. I landed in Nigeria on the 14th, and he came to pick me up at the airport. 

So you two were part of the people tensioning us on Valentine’s day. 

Àdìó: Yes oh. I was at the airport by 6 a.m. I was nervous because I had not seen her in two years. When she finally landed, she looked like an angel. 

Seun: Please, I looked like a mess. 

Àdìó: LOL, lies. From the airport, we got double Chickwizz from chicken republic and went home. When we settled in, I handed her her Valentine’s gift. 

Seun: It was the best Valentine’s day ever. I got a dark red satin dress, a t-shirt with strawberries and “Berry Blast” on it, a Berry Blast custom made scented candle, a bracelet with a Spotify code that you scan to find this amazing playlist with my favourite love songs, a card with “I love you Berry much” on the front cover. The level of attention to detail was astounding to me. I was so happy. We spent the rest of the day catching up.  He bought thai noodles and fed it to me. Later, we bought suya and garri — which is my favourite meal. After that, we slept. I have been in Nigeria since then, and it’s been the best experience ever. We spend most of our time together. We are always trying out new restaurants and visiting new places. We even have a list of places to visit. 

Nice! I’m curious about whether or not you’ve started fighting. 

Seun: To the glory of God and to the shame of the devil, we haven’t fought yet. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to it. 

Àdìó: It’s something we’re conscious of. Whenever something feels off, we talk about it before it becomes a thing we fight about, and so far, it’s worked for us. 

Cool. What’s the best part of your relationship?

Seun: It’s the daily devotions for me. We pray and read the bible together every day. It’s become something I look forward to every day. 

Àdìó: Me too. I love that we’re both deliberate about our faith in Christ. I also love the sense of peace being with her gives me. Seeing her happy heals me so I feel like I owe it to myself to keep her happy. 

What attracts you to each other?

Àdìó: You still don’t understand? Have you seen this babe? Her beauty stuns me all the time. She’s the baddest out there as far as I’m concerned. Case closed. 

Seun: Look at who is talking. You, gorgeous man. His face and body are to die for, and he can now sing on top. If a Hershey’s chocolate bar was a human, it would be this guy. 

I’m curious about what your future plans are.

Àdìó: First of all, I’m thinking of how to move to the UK as well because she’d be leaving pretty soon. The plan is to visit as often as possible but I’d like to move too. 

Seun: After he settles, we can start talking about marriage. 

Love that for you. Rate your relationship on a scale of one to ten. 

Àdìó: 8, because though I’m satisfied with our relationship right now, I know there are better things ahead for us. 

Seun: I’d rate it 9.995 because I’m very happy with where our relationship already is, but I also agree with him that more sweetness dey front.

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