Men constantly complain about how women are never able to decide on what they want to eat. But have they ever asked us why? No, they haven’t. That’s why I’m here, to solve the mystery of why women can’t decide on what to eat. 

Fear of world damnation 

The very first time a woman (Eve) decided what she wanted to eat, it caused God to punish the entire human race. . You want us to go through that again? Abeg o 

We’re being considerate of your money

If we eat N16,500 stir-fry Chinese pasta now, you’ll drag us on Twitter. We don’t know what exactly you can afford, and you won’t tell us your budget. So, of course, we’re going to struggle with deciding what to eat. 

Fear of food poisoning 

There’s a chance that we may eat the wrong thing, and our stomachs will suffer for it. We have to carefully think about what may or may not give us a running stomach. If you men don’t care about your health, that’s your business. 

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The question puts us under unnecessary pressure 

The question, “What do you want to eat?” comes with a lot of pressure.Who in their right mind immediately has an answer to that? Then when you try to make it easier by giving us options, all the suggestions are awful. This is why we always end up eating pasta. It’s the safest thing we can say under the pressure of trying to choose. 

Why don’t you know what I want to eat? 

As my friend or significant other, or even someone I’m on a first date with, why don’t you know what I want to eat? If you’re someone I’m close to in any way, you should know me well enough to decide what I want. You should be able to read my mind and choose one of the options in my head. I said what I said. 

Too many options to choose from

We get very overwhelmed when we have too many options to choose from, and this also includes having too many food options. Sometimes, we wish we could have everything on the menu. Because how are we supposed to choose between lamb chops, sushi, stir-fry pasta, giant prawns and rice.? Asking us to pick just one is pure wickedness. 

Your food may taste better

We’ll choose what to eat, then later realise that your food tastes better. Then we’re thinking maybe we should have ordered yours instead. Sometimes, it’s not that we can’t decide, it’s that we’re waiting for you to decide so that we can eat your food, then see if it’s what we want to eat, or maybe we want the initial food we were going to go with. 

What if you ask us to pay? 

Stories on Twitter NG will show you that this happens more often than you think. Nigerian men will surprise you out of the blue when that cheque is brought. That’s when you’ll find out that you’re going Dutch, and he’s only going to pay for his meat pie and water. This is why we can’t decide what to eat. In our heads, we’re having thoughts like “The steak is looking good, but this man may ask me to pay, so what do I order instead?” If you think about it, men are the cause of this.  Just like everything else. 

We don’t know what we want 

Simple and short, we just don’t know what we want.. We don’t even know if we’re hungry at that moment. Or if it’s drinks or maybe just snacks we want instead of food. We don’t have an answer. Leave us alone. 

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