You’re on a mission, and it involves getting your crush to like you back, or at least like you enough to suck face with. Throw those generic good morning messages you found on Google away and use these proven texts to win their heart. You’re welcome.

“May NEPA keep the light till morning”

If this doesn’t tell your Nigerian crush that you love and care about them, nothing else will. Has Nigerian heat dealt with you in a dark room before?

“Dream of Canada”

The Nigerian dream is to claim your Nigerian roots from the safety of “the abroad”, which is why this good night message is the best way to show your crush that you wish them well.

“You survived another day in Nigeria. Just sleep, you deserve it”

This is a plus if your crush lives in Lagos. They deserve all the encouragement they need after spending their whole day in traffic fighting keke and danfo drivers.

“Don’t let the mosquitoes bite”

Everyone and their cousin know that mosquitoes plus heat while trying to sleep is only slightly worse than the seven plagues. What better way to show your love?

“Don’t forget to turn on the switch when you plug your phone”

Have you ever plugged in your phone before bed, only to wake up and realise forgot to turn on the switch? Yep, show your crush you don’t want them to experience it.

“May your neighbour’s generator stop working”

You know that trying to sleep to the sound of “I better pass my neighbour” generators is the absolute ghetto, which is why this message is sure to have your love interest melting. 

“Sleep so soundly that your alarm clock goes off unnoticed”

Let’s face it — no one enjoys being woken up by annoying alarm sounds anyway. Your job will wait for you.

If, after all these, they don’t fall in love, they don’t deserve you. Periodt.

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