The exes in question don’t include the emotionally and physically abusive, toxic ones or those who don’t have anything to offer anyone in their life. We’re talking about the one you lost because of distance, lack of communication, falling out of love and other fixable stories. 

So with these seven points of ours, we want to convince you and not confuse you to give your ex a chance. 

Your parents are tired of hearing new names every week

First it was Ade, then Tolu, Tobi, Chisom, Alex, Eno and many others. Your parents are old. How do you expect them to erase names from their memory every couple of weeks? Let them use their brain power for other things. 

There’s nothing outside 

Everyone on the streets is problematic. If they’re not talking about stupid things like body count, it’s how you shouldn’t expect basic human kindness from the person you’re sleeping with. Do you really want to participate in such razz activities? Outside is cold; your ex is warm. Think about it. 

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Pity your friends

The group chat has created a spreadsheet to keep track of all the people you’re talking to. Spare them. How many people can they block or dodge in public? They can’t even attend certain events because one of your former people might be there. Plus, the more people you date, the less they can date. Please, pity your friends. 

You know them

With your favourite ex, you know how they like to be comforted when they’re sad, the foods they like to eat and things that make them happy. These things are ingrained in your brain, so you don’t have to do trial and error. Go back to where navigating a relationship doesn’t feel like a minefield.

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Do you really want to start finding out another person’s favourite colour? 

This year that you’ve chosen to get your money up, you want to still take time out to learn someone’s favourite colour? Are you not tired of all the small talk? With your ex, you already know all the basics. You’ve gotten to a point where you might commit crimes if someone new asks you what you like to do for fun. Kirikiri blue won’t fit you, but do you know what will? Your favourite ex. 

Are you not tired of the playlists?

How many people have made you playlists this month? Are you trying to have so many playlists that Spotify or Apple Music will carry gbese? 

You don’t have to talk too much 

Your favourite ex understands why you hate certain family members, why you’re banned from certain restaurants, or why you passport was seized. They know how to plan things that won’t require you to start explaining too much. However, whoever you start talking to will need explanation upon explanation. That’s tiring. Your ex isn’t tiring. 

They’re your favourite ex, so they must have done some things right 

The fact that this person is considered your favourite ex means they must have done a lot of things right. So ask yourself why you let it all end? Distance? Communication? Lack of love? Any of these three things can be handled with a long phone call and plenty tears. 

At the end of the day, if whatever made you and your favourite ex break up is something fixable, fix it. There are many unfortunate people in the world, but the foolish person you know is better than the foolish person you don’t know. 

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