For the sake of your relationship and your mental health, don’t share these things with your partner. Especially number four. 


Don’t do it. You’ll never get your clothes back. Ever.


They may want to come over all the time. And if you’re like me that likes personal space and alone time, you’ll start crying when they text you that they’re coming over for the fourth time in less than a week week. Just tell them you live in the bush or something. (I don’t have the energy to think of a good lie right now.)

Your music 

Make the mistake of sharing your favourite music with your partner, and when they serve you breakfast, you won’t be able to listen to Palazzo by Asake again. The song will come up in the club and you’ll start shedding hot tears. 

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Give them your Play Station 5 console, and that’s how they’ll delete all your game progress from the past two years. Speaking from experience, I once gave an ex my laptop, and he returned it to me split into two. Stay guiding.

Your favourite restaurant or hangout spot

If they like the place, sorry to you because they’ll open their big mouths and tell other people about it. That’s how your favourite spot will now become crowded. To make it worse, they’ll start going there without you. “I went to Z! Bar

after work and the suya wrap slapped differently today.” Enipe?

TV shows 

They’ll ruin it for you, I promise. Either they ask many foolish questions during the show, like why Jon snow knows nothing, or they’re rewinding too much because they aren’t paying attention. I hate when they want to fast-forward past the parts they think are boring. 

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Generational curse 

If you’re sharing generational or family curse with your lover, it may still come back to you if you end up getting married. So who are you really doing? 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

Are you a wicked person? Why will you share your STD with your partner?


You’ll be sleeping on your own jeje, and your significant other will now unlock your phone, looking for what will give them chest pain. Better to avoid the whole thing by keeping your passwords to yourself. 

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