You can decide to believe your partner has sense, and hope they really have sense. Or you can save yourself from possible breakfast by getting inside information about who you’re dating that only their neighbour can give you.

And no, it’s not just for them to tell you if your neighbour is cheating. These are the ten other reasons.

Your partner may be a professional snorer

What if your partner’s snore can wake up an entire street? You may not know if you don’t live with them. You know who will? Their neighbour.

Your boo’s head might usually touch

Your partner may be one of those who shout “Up NEPA!” when they bring the light. Don’t you want to know that about them before catching feelings?

Your partner may be an Ikorodu Celine Dion

If you’ve never stayed over with your boo and seen them have their bath, you wouldn’t know if they sing terribly off-key versions of everything. Befriend their neighbour so they can give you the intel and save your ears.

Your boo might be a talkative

If they’re too close and chummy with their neighbour, it’s a red flag. Who does that?

They beef the neighbours

If they’re always fighting the people they live next to, it’s also a red flag. You want to marry someone who’ll be keeping malice with you?

Your partner may be a petty Betty

If you start hearing stories of how your boo used to pour salt in their neighbour’s generator or move other people’s clothes off the drying line, what’re you still doing in the relationship?

Your partner may be broke

Who knows if they’re borrowing fancy clothes to go on dates with you when in actual sense, they always beg their neighbours for salt and garri?

Your partner may be rich

They may also be forming “broke” with you to avoid billing, but somehow manage to fry chicken every night at home. Believe me, the neighbours know. 

Your partner may actually be wicked

Because it’s only wicked people who’ll wake up on a Saturday morning and start blasting music from their speakers at the highest volume. Did anyone ask for a concert?

You may be dating yourself

Of course, we can’t end without mentioning the obvious. A word is enough for the wise.

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