If your Nigerian parents have never tried to set you up with someone, you’re one of the lucky few. Although not many good things can come out of your parents choosing someone for you to date, there may be a few benefits. I’ve listed nine below. 

They can help you avoid their own mistakes

After being married for so long, they’ve experienced the good, the bad and the rubbish. Now, they know how to spot what they didn’t initially see in their partner and help you avoid it.

They want what’s best for you

As their child, they love you too much to pick any random person they see. They’ll take their time to find the best out of the herd. Although, sometimes, what they think is best for you may actually be the worst.

They want to brag

Even if they don’t want the best for you, they’ll choose the best person so they can brag to their friends and family that their child is dating the owner of Mr Biggs. 

They do their research

Nigerian parents can trace somebody down to the village they’re from. So if they choose someone for you, at least, you won’t have to worry about ending up with someone who’s already married with two children. 

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They have connections

Nigerian parents are the kings and queens of networking. Tell me how they know one friend’s child, who lives abroad, is a pilot or is related to the King of England. Better ask them to help you because they may know that your future partner with a Canadian passport lives down your street. 

They’ll know who’ll serve you breakfast

What’s that saying about children not being able to see standing what an adult can see sitting down? It applies here. Nigerian parents have some 3D vision that helps them see the things we can’t see. It could be old age that gives them the power, but they can spot the partner who’ll serve you breakfast and the one who wants long-term commitment. 


They know how to shoot shots

You may be too shy to shoot your shot, but your parents aren’t. They’ll gladly talk to anyone on your behalf, and they’ll sell your market well. They’ll make you sound so good the person may want to marry you on the spot. 

You can skip the talking stage

They’ll tell your potential suitors everything about you, down to the name of the soap you use. They’ll find out all their information too and tell you everything. No need for talking stage again. Just marry. 

You won’t date your cousin

They know the family tree more than you, so if they choose someone for you, the chances of falling in love with your cousin would be zero.

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