Nigerian parents are the best. But they can also be very cunning, manipulative and flat-out, harsh. So if you grew up with typical Nigerian parents, you can definitely relate to these things they do that are lowkey giving toxic. 

They compare you to others 

“Does the person that came first have two heads?” “Can’t you see how *insert characteristic of your neighbour’s child* is?” “Why can’t you be a Lawyer like your cousin; which one is this music you want to be doing?”.

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They make fun of your appearance 

Charity begins at home, and so does bullying. Nigerian parents will tease you so much with your size, head shape, big nose, or even receding hairline. You’ll either become very conscious of it or develop tough skin. 

Punish you without giving space for you to explain yourself

We all know trying to talk while they’re scolding you is the greatest sign of disrespect. They expect you to obey first and then you can complain later. 

Instead of apologising, they’ll bribe you with gifts 

Nigerian parents are never wrong. But if by some twist in the universe, you happen to be right and them wrong, they’ll use gifts, food, and even tough love to get you to forgive them.

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Don’t allow you express your emotions 

Why would you beat a child and ask them not to cry forgossake? And they legit get angry that you’re angry they refused to give you back your money they were “keeping” for you.

They’ll say one thing when they mean another 

You: Do you think… *insert a question*? 

Nigerian parent: What’s my own? Do what you want oh.

You: *go ahead to do what you want*

Nigerian parent: *complains bitterly* 

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Promise and fail

Ah, trust Nigerian parents at your own risk. Remember all the times your mother pleaded with you to tell her the truth, and promised that if you did, she wouldn’t get angry or tell your dad? How did that end? 

They’re masters of emotional blackmail

When they see they’ve exhausted all the points in an argument, they’ll tell you that if you cared about them, then you would agree to their request. 

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