Are you not tired of the generic quotes used in those “reasons why I love you” jars? Why not try spicing it up with a few unique quotes that will not only tell them why you love them, but give them a good laugh as well. Let’s help you.

“You’re more stable than the Nigerian economy” 

So the next time the dollar rises in the black market without warning, they can say to themselves, “I’m better than this.”

“You bring me more joy than a public holiday”

This is the highest of praise and we too want someone that gives us more joy than a public holiday. 

“You don’t judge me for eating a pack of spaghetti by myself” 

Do you know who else won’t judge you for this? Zikoko. We’re your safe space. 

“You’re almost as fun as Zikoko quizzes”

Big on the “almost” because really, who can be more fun than taking Zikoko quizzes? Nobody. 

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“You’re registered to vote” 

If they have a PVC, they’re responsible and care not only about their future but yours as well. Even if they don’t, they’re trying to register for their PVC.

“Nigeria may not give me peace, but you do” 

While Nigeria is busy Nigeria-ing, you at least have someone that gives you peace. Must be nice. 

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You don’t eat semo 

Need we say more? The fact that this is a reason to love someone means we’ve suffered as a society. Abolish semo today!

When I’m with you, even being stuck in traffic is fun 

If you’ve never been stuck in traffic for at least two hours, you won’t understand the gravity of this quote. Powerful stuff. 

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