Loving someone starts from somewhere. That single moment when you realise that you actually love this fool you’re with. For some women, they could date a person and only realise they love them after months in the relationship. For others, it’s instantaneous. Today, 7 Nigerian women tell us the first time they realised they were in love with their partner(s).

1. Hannah and her health hero

I was 8 months into my relationship when I became very ill. When I spoke to my partner on the phone, I didn’t want to stress him because I knew he had so much work to do. After taking a fevered nap, I woke up to several missed calls from him. Apparently, he had become so worried when he couldn’t reach me so he ditched work and came to my building. When I saw him, he looked so worried that it broke my heart. He spent the day running around getting things for me. At that moment, I realised that I love him and I was done mooning over my ex. We’ve been together for 2 years now.

2. Dorcas and her love affair

Currently having an affair and loving it. So, I have two love stories and funny enough, the second one exists because of the inadequacy of the first. For my husband, I realised that I loved him when I got pregnant for him out of wedlock and wanted to keep it. Before him, I have had 2 abortions for two different exes. He felt like a safe option at the time.

For my affair, he is the first person I have been with after 10 years of being married to my husband. He makes me come alive and the sex is electric. I think it was mid-orgasm that I realise that I love him enough to risk my marriage for him.

3. Cynthia and her glucose guardian

My partner is a married man but his family doesn’t stay in the country. I think I love the fact that he spoils me silly. I can’t think of one thing I really want that he doesn’t give me. The first time I realised that I might love this man was last year when I casually mentioned that I have never been to the abroad and he surprised me 2 months later with a trip to Dubai. I know it’s futile loving a married man but we only live once and I don’t want to feel guilty for enjoying myself.

4. Aisha and her love for potential

I’m not sure about the moment I fell in love or I cannot remember. There’s no aha moment. But it was a build-up of many things. We talked consistently over many weeks on the phone. You know when you talk to someone every day, there’s a huge chance that you become fond of them, or start to like them even. Then we agreed fundamentally on a couple of things which made it more exciting – feminism, storytelling etc. And then I saw potential in him to become rich in a couple of years.

I guess that’s it.

5. Martha and her 3 lovers

I am currently in love with 3 men but I am in a relationship with two of them. The moment I realised that I love man number one was when we had unprotected sex. I have never done that before him. It made me realise that only love can make me take such a silly risk.

I realised that I love man number 2 when I risked my life to make a journey to Kaduna. Normally, I am a selfish lover so for me to go to a state of unrest to see man, I knew that cupid was working overtime.

I realised that I love man number 3 when I initiated the relationship between us. I am very attractive person and I am so used to men doing the chasing. So, for me to make a move, I think I’m in love.

6. Rhoda and her dad bod man

I am attracted to beautiful men. I work out a lot and have a great body so I have never pictured myself with someone who didn’t look fit. It was 5 months into the relationship that a friend pointed out that my man has a dad bod. I didn’t even notice. I had to spend time looking at my man again and it hit me that I actually love this person so much that I dropped my strict rule for him. With him, I don’t notice anything else but his kindness and willingness to make me happy. We’ve been together for over a year and I couldn’t be happier.

7. Temi and her cheater bae

My father was a serial cheater and had so many children with so many women. I saw the pain he put my mom through so I mentally decided to never accept a cheating partner. I was with my partner for 3 months before finding out he cheated on me with his colleague. Before him, I had sworn to leave any man who cheats on me. With him, I found myself hoping he’d ask for forgiveness so we can get back together. He did and we are together again. That was when I realised that I might actually love this man.

No, his name is not Femi.


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