Modern problems require modern solutions, and that’s why dating apps were born. To give people a chance to find love from the comfort of their homes. So, how then do you make sure you have the perfect profile on these dating apps? 

Put your best foot forward 

It’s a dating app and you’re trying to make a good impression, one that’s good enough to make a potential partner swipe right and start a conversation. Your first picture should be one that emphasises and showcases your best features.

Add enough pictures but never too much 

Even if we’re shallow people, we don’t want to come off as too shallow. So put enough pictures, but never too much. You want to show that you’re confident in your looks but not obsessed. If you’re the maximum limit for pictures is 6, add 4. If the max is 4, add 3. Balance, baby. 

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Never put pictures of you with multiple people 

Under no circumstance should you include pictures with other people in it. Nobody wants to swipe right and the first question they ask is, “Which one are you?” Let them know from the jump what they’re getting into. 

Your pictures should showcase different aspects of your personality 

If you listed in your bio that you like to travel, post a picture of you in a place you travelled to. It helps to strike up a conversation and really sells the whole “I am adventurous” vibe. 

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Add information to your profile 

Don’t be one of those people that only post pictures and hope their fine face sells it. People won’t date a pretty face forever. Add things about yourself because it also helps you weed out the foolish people. At least you can guess your matches probably have somewhat similar beliefs and values. 

Give people something to start a conversation with 

Add things to your bio that can be interesting conversation starters. Favourite movie? Something you like to do? At least that way, you’re giving people a chance to start the conversation with something other than “hey”.

Ask a friend to go over it

Your friends know a lot about you, so once you’ve finished adding all the necessary information to your dating profile, ask a friend who you trust to go over it. Let them be your second eyes and help you point out things you might have missed or things that may need adjusting. 

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