Finding the one for you is not an easy feat, it gets harder when you are a sapiosexual who wants to be with someone who thinks like you. In order to know if they are right for you, we advise you to ask them the following questions on your first date. Here’s a list of questions to ask on a first date to be sure you’ve found the one:

1.The date of birth of Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother.

Are they really the one for you, if they don’t know royal history to the T?. You need to be with someone who keeps track of history, both local and international.

2.If there are 10 birds on a tree and you shoot one, how many will remain?.

This is to test their knowledge of mathematics. A person that does not understand mathematics, how can you expect them to calculate the density of your affection for them?

3.All the laws in Nigeria.

Anyone who doesn’t know this is clearly lawless and disobedient. Every Nigerian, in Nigeria or not, should know every law in Nigeria. Do not text them back if they don’t know this. You shouldn’t be in a relationship with a lawless person.

4.The name of every Nigerian musician ever.

This question is neither hard nor impossible to answer, except your date is not a fun or outgoing person. They need to know the answer to this question, it’s proof of balance.

5.The name of every political leader in Nigeria.

Knowing the laws of the land is not enough, they need to know the names of the people in charge of implementing them. This shows passion and dedication. If they are passionate and dedicated to Nigeria, they’ll be passionate and dedicated to your relationship.

6.The type of underwear Buhari wears.

If she does not know intimate details about her country’s president, who is to say she will know intimate details about you?. She needs to know if he wears boxers, shorts or pants, so she can buy something similar for you. Her president.

7.Ask them to spell OriginalDangbanaChoko.

This is the only way to know if they passed English in WAEC or if they carried expo.

8.If a house is burning, who will they save. You or their mum?.

If they chose their mum, it already means they already hate you. Do they mean they love someone else more than they love you?. If that be the case, they should go and be in a relationship with their mum.

9.The country the first Olympics took place.

The Olympics is coming up soon and everyone is scrambling to learn everything about it. It would be a shame if they don’t know the answer to your question. You are allowed to not call them back if they don’t know such trivial information. If they are not up to date on sports events, they won’t be up to date in a relationship.

10. Who deserves the front seat between them and your mum?.

If they chose themselves, it means they have no respect. Those type of people would tell you to put your mum in the boot of the car.


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