8 Nigerian Women Tell Us About The Best Date They Have Had

December 30, 2020

After asking some women about the worst date they ever had, we figured out that a story on best dates was only right. So, we asked eight Nigerian women to tell us about the best date they ever had.

Hafiza, 21

One day, this woman I was interested and I talked about things we liked. I feel like I rambled for over an hour on how much I love all forms of Art. I did not think much about the conversation, but about three weeks later, she asked me out on a date. She told me to cancel all my plans for that entire day and she refused to tell me where we were going, because she said it was more than one place. The day came and wow. We went on a painting date, saw a play, had lunch, attended an art exhibition, and had dinner at this restaurant that had live bands perform. She also got me a gold necklace and asked me to be her girlfriend while we took a walk around my estate. It was so thoughtful and romantic.

Halima, 23

I’ve had a lot of great dates, but some just stick to you because when it flows, it flows. For our second date, this dude took me to a picnic next to a small river. It was in a mountainous area, so we hiked a bit to get to the somewhat-private area where we laid down near the stream. He packed everything and he made us food and drinks. I brought some drinks and sweets too, but we didn’t even eat too much. We switched between talking and enjoying the sounds of nature. I really appreciated that because I don’t talk a lot, and I like being with someone who can comfortably sit in silence.

We learned a lot about each other, and the calm environment made me feel really good with him. In one of our quiet moments when we were looking at each other he said, “I like you” and I told him I liked him too. Then after a while, I moved closer to him and laid next to where he sat on the tiny grassy patch. We talked a bit more, and he looked down at me and asked if he could kiss me. I nodded and we had our first kiss! We talked and kissed some more until it was getting dark, then we hiked back up. The ending of the night was much less wholesome than this part, but it was one of my favourite dates ever because all that happened gave me the chance to see who he really was.

Sandra, 24

It was this funny guy who always hung around my friend group. Last year at Christmas day, he called and asked if I’d go out with him in 2020. I was a bit thrown off, but I agreed. We met up at an eatery. Talked about everything and anything (we have so much in common). He was younger than me by 3 years which made it more surprising because most younger guys have a one track mind. After eating, we wandered around still talking. We somehow ended up on the rooftop and we talked till nearly midnight. I know it’s considered “boring”, but it was great to just have someone who sees and hears your inner voice. We dated for a while but COVID and lockdown. We’re very close platonic friends now, so it all worked out fine.

Esther, 24

So, I had been talking to this man for some time but we never met up until last month. He asked me to dinner after work one Monday evening. He cooked, and I offered to bring wine. When I got there, he already had scented candles lit and a snack waiting for me while he cooked. The food was amazing. We saw a movie, and I went home. What impressed me the most was I casually mentioned I was afraid of cats before he even asked me out, so the day I was at his place, he took his cat somewhere else.

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Peace, 25

My best date is what I call an event. The day before the date, she booked me a spa appointment. I got a massage, facial, a manicure and a pedicure. She also sent me a dress for the date; it was yellow because she said I looked like a goddess in yellow. The date was in her house; it was a private dining experience and the food was absolutely delicious. After eating, we watched a movie, danced in her apartment, talked and cuddled. Since I was too tired to go home, I stayed the night and we played some board games. The next day, she sent flowers to my house with a bracelet, telling me that she was glad I came. She was so intentional with the date, making sure I was happy and well taken care of. It was one the nicest things anyone had ever done for me and I felt like a princess. We went on a few more dates before she had to leave the country.

Bisi, 22

Me and this guy had been texting off and on. One day, he texted me saying he wanted to get out of the house for a bit and if I wasn’t doing anything we should go out together. I agreed. I asked him what we were going to do, or where we were going and he said he didn’t know. We went to the mall, did some window shopping, then walked into Miniso. I immediately rushed to the stuffed animals section, and he asked me to pick one. Apparently, I had mentioned a couple of times how much I love stuffed animals. The fact that he remembered made me smile. We eventually left the mall and went to a Chinese restaurant. He let me pick the food, we took cute pictures, ate and went back home. I felt like I was in a movie, and that made me love it.

Jane, 23

He had asked to take me out for some time now, and I finally agreed because I was bored. He picked me up and asked me where I wanted to go. We went to a restaurant, I ordered for both of us and then he bought me books. It was such an easy conversation. He also brought me back home in time to cook for my people. The books were really nice, but I think it was the conversation really stole the show. I felt like he was actually listening to what I had to say.

Yinka, 30

Okay, So it was our second official date and third unofficial date. Unlike our previous date, he started telling me about it from Monday. The rest of the week were continual reminders including asking me to get a red dress. I didn’t have a red dress, plus you will get what you get and you will like it. He came to pick me up, and was slightly upset I didn’t have on a red dress. but I had gotten him a little gift though, and that seemed to cheer him up. We went to Radisson, and I’d never been there so it was already a new experience for me. We sat at the bar, talked, drank, and ate.

There was a live performance going on by two amazing singers. At some point, the male singer came and was singing this very romantic Ed Sheeran song to me. I was confused, and he then slipped behind my date and said I should look into my date’s eyes while he sang this romantic song. Looking into his eyes was a bit awkward because I really liked him and since he was always so playful, I didn’t think he felt anything for me. I also didn’t know if the singer was just messing around. We had a few more drinks and kept talking. He kept bringing his chair closer to mine till our faces were so close we were almost just whispering to each other, our faces centimeters apart.

I went to the bathroom and when I got back, he was standing, as I got close to the bar to pick my bag and jacket, he hugged me from behind and was rocking me from side to side very gently. In public. At the bar. He’d talked about some private family stuff so I thought he was just a bit emotional and slightly intoxicated, so I didn’t let myself get too sucked into the moment though, but it did feel wonderful to be held like that. We held hands going out, and he drove me home. I gave him a hug but, he held on harder when I was relaxing the hug and then he kissed me. It was the kind of kiss that made you sit up and cross your legs tighter. That date, the chemistry, everything has been one of my favorites.

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