Every time I hear wedding vows, the line, “I can’t believe I’m marrying my best friend”, is always somewhere in there. I find it hard to believe everybody’s best friends with their partner. I’m not sure you people know what being BFFs with your significant other means. So I’ve decided to show you it’s most likely not true. 

You don’t gist with each other

Gisting is different from talking. Gisting involves banter, gossip and a lot of laughing. If your partner never has hot gist for you, or they’re not the first person you run to when something interesting happens, then they’re not your best friend. It’s even worse when you’re giving them gist, and they’re not giving the proper reaction. Instead, they’re quiet or just saying “mmmh”, or “really?”

You don’t have inside jokes 

You and your partner should be able to look at each other, know you’re both thinking the same thing and laugh like two idiots. If you’re best friends, you’d have codes people don’t understand and jokes only two of you can relate to. In fact, if, to some extent, you both don’t have the same sense of humour, that’s a sign you’re not BFFs. 

You don’t have fun together 

Both of you don’t play like children high on sugar or watch funny shit together and laugh for hours. You don’t play games or do fun activities like painting each other’s faces and going out like that.  

They don’t send you memes

Or funny TikToks, tweets and Instagram reels. Whenever I see a foolish thing on my TL, the first person I send it to is my best friend because we’d both make a year’s worth of jokes about it. If you send your partner things, and they give you one bland reaction, forget it. 

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You guys don’t like the same things 

They don’t have to like your favourite artist. You don’t have to support the same sports team, but best friends have at least a few things they like doing or talking about together. I have a friend who watches Yoruba movies with his girlfriend; that’s true best friendship right there. 

They don’t know how to cuddle without fornicating

Any minor touching turns into sex. I like sexual attraction, but I believe it should be possible to be in the same room as your partner, and you’ll both do other things besides entering each other’s bodies. Play board games or something, for God’s sake. Not everytime sex. 

They don’t allow you to steal their clothes in peace 

You steal their clothes, and they get seriously upset. Is that one friendship? It’s not even a romantic relationship sef. It’s just wickedness. 

They don’t drag you

Best friends drag each other like small gen every five minutes. They’re not worried the other person will get upset because they know the limit. If you can’t tell your partner that with the kind of big head they have, they still don’t have sense, then you’re definitely not best friends. 

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You keep things away from each other 

Best friends tell each other everything. EVERYTHING. 

You’re not comfortable around each other 

If you’re worried about eating indomie from the pot while naked because of what your partner would think, then they’re not your best friend. Being best friends means they can show you their hairy butts and soup-stained shirts. It means they can say and do things without the fear of embarrassment. Answer this question: have you farted in front of your partner yet?

They don’t support you 

I’m not just talking career support here. I mean supporting you when other people drag you or when you’re saying nonsense (only if it’s jokes sha). Best friends take each other’s side and have each other’s backs. 

They don’t gas you up

As your best friend, they’re supposed to be in the comment section anywhere your picture is posted, gassing you up in all ways and manners. They’ll leave at least five comments under the picture. 

You don’t spend that much time together

You’re not doing long distance, yet you guys only see each other once in two weeks; that’s not best friendship. They should always want to spend time with you because you both have a great time together. This includes phone calls and texting too. As your BFF, they’d want to talk to you any chance they get. 

You don’t know what they like 

If they don’t know you like Double Chickwizz, or that your comfort show is Papa Ajasco, they’re definitely not your best friend. Best friends know everything about each other.

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Maybe your real best friend is at Z! Fest



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