What’s better than one cute love life story? Ten sappy ones. We’ve compiled a list we know will satisfy the cravings of your inner romantic. 

Love Life: We Found Our Way Back to Each Other After 35 Years

They found each other when they were teenagers but parted ways only to reunite decades later. Not only do they show you can find love in old age, but they also managed to reignite a love from many years ago. I guess if it’s meant to be, it’ll find its way back to you no matter how long it takes, because it’s yours.

Love Life: 26 Years and We Have no Regrets

People hardly ever mention a farm when listing the cutest places to meet the person they’ll spend the rest of their life with. Maybe it’s why they’re single? Because this farm meeting led to a 26-year (and counting) marriage. The biggest problem they faced? Navigating a long-distance relationship at a time when phones weren’t a thing. 

Love Life: I Moved to Be Closer to Her

Not everyone is lucky enough to find their soulmate at a young age. That’s why when 22-year-old Lade needed a new place to stay, moving close to her girlfriend was the only sensible option. Now, they get to spend as much time as they want together while her girlfriend is with her family. A win for all. 

Love Life: We Found Out We Have Chemistry in a Chemistry Lab

The doctors of tomorrow are finding love during chemistry class. But we’ll let it slide because of how cute they are. From keeping seats for each other in class to reserving space in each other’s hearts, this story highlights the beauty of a young love that happens while studying a demanding course. 

Love Life: We Bonded Over Our Love for Music

What do a songwriter and musician have in common? If you said “music”, you’re right. Taiwo and Abisola started a relationship on the foundation of shared love for music. They go to concerts together and introduce each other to new sounds and artistes, finding new ways to combine their love for each other with their love for music. 

Love Life: We’d Been Committed to Each Other Long Before We Started Dating

Sometimes, all it takes is one person to make you realise you don’t want anybody else. As soon as Uyai and Ayo met, they knew they didn’t want to add more people to the equation. Months before they even started dating, they’d made a promise to themselves and the moon (which, for some reason, got involved in this). 

Love Life: He Wouldn’t Go to London Without Me

One thing about loving intentionally is including them in your life plans. Michael* took it one step further by only taking jobs that’d allow for his girlfriend to leave the country with him. Funny what a “friends with benefits” situation can lead to. 

Love Life: It Took Us 9 Years to Fall in Love 

There’s slow-burn friends-to-lovers romance, and then, there’s whatever happened to Esther and Chika. After meeting each other in church at the age of 18, Esther didn’t realise she’d fallen in love with Chika until nine years after the friendship began. Unfortunately, he didn’t immediately feel the same way. A classic tale of she fell first, but he fell harder. Hits you in the feels every time. 

Love Life: It Took Us 7 Years to Have Our First Child 

Picture this: A good church-loving girl meets a bad cultist boy. They fall in love and he gives up his bad ways for her. Now, they want to build a family together, but she can’t conceive. At that point, all they had was each other. So even when people tried to mock them for not having a child, they got through it together. Pretty cute. 

Love Life: I Reported Her to Our Manager, Now We’re Married

We all love a good office romance, but what about one where they only got closer because he reported her to their boss? They also had to navigate a father who didn’t like him and threatened to get him arrested. Not just that, there were two failed wedding proposals, but their love conquered all.

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