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It’s almost easy to guess who Ultimate Love’s Ultimate Couple will be. Not because they are exactly the most genuine couple but because some factors are working in their favour, and voters are easily swayed by some of these factors. The game remains the game.

Here is how we’re ranking the last five couples , according to how close they are to the prize.

Rosie and Kachi:

In this life ehn, just be a light skinned pretty woman. Rosie started gaining fans even before the show started because of her fine girl privilege. She got the “premium babe” tag immediately she was introduced to the audience, and people started wondering if she’d find her spec in the house. David buttered her bread by leaving her on the “altar” for Presh. Of course she’s quite overrated, but after coming tops at least twice, her fans are ready to crown her and Kachi Ultimate Love’s ultimate couple, even though half of them don’t care about that relationship, they are more interested in the bragging rights. Rosie’s back definitely hurts from carrying this relationship for weeks.

Ultimate Love's Ultimate Couple

Iyke and Theresa

They are the youngest couple in the house, and majority of the viewers can relate to them, while others think they are too young for marriage. Iyke says all the right things viewers like to hear, even though he probably doesn’t mean half of it. They are both very conscious of viewers perception of them, which is now working for and against them.

Bolanle and Arnold

The only reason why these two are even still in the house is because Nigerians love women who are quick to do “Yes Sir Yes Sir” to men who aren’t deserving. After everything Arnold has done to Bolanle in that house to her face and behind her, they keep voting for them, and they always make top three. Abeg we need to dismantle the patriarchy, to keep Bolar’s fans far away from reality TV and far away from our society, because I really can’t stand slavery.

Ultimate Love's Ultimate Couple

Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia

The two things that are working in their favour, Sylvia especially, is because she’s a very sweet girl that radiates so much positive vibes, even when she was going through the most. She was never involved in anything malicious, which made her an instant sweetheart to many. Secondly, the way Jerry treated her contributed to her long stay in the Love Pad. She gathered pity votes, while Jerry gathered “go-fuck-yourselves” votes. The game is the game.

Ultimate Love's Ultimate Couple

Chris and ChrisVille

See, I don’t even know who their votes are, especially because ChrisVille is one annoying person. Chris was without man in the house for like two weeks, and she handled it pretty well. She probably gathered some “I love strong and independent women” fans, but I don’t think they are enough to crown them the Ultimate Couple.

Ultimate Love's Ultimate Couple

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