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Everything that happened on Ultimate Love Day 46 – Meet Ultimate Love The Finalists!

Ultimate Love Finalists

The highlight of Day 46 is ObiEbi and PreshDavid leaving the Love Pad. That was the first double eviction of the season and nobody saw it coming.

Ultimate Love Finalists

The show is about to end and now we know the Ultimate love finalists. Here’s a quick run down of the last five couples journey in the Love Pad.

Rosie and Kachi that were each other’s first choice but had eyes for others:

Rosie gathered majority of her fans even before the show began, because pretty-light-skinned-girl privilege is a thing. Rosie and Kachi connected pretty well at their speed date until they linked up with other love guests and became confused. They ended up together again out of fate, and even though the relationship was toxic at first, they’ve allegedly developed feelings for each other. Rosie especially likes how dedicated and patient Kachi has been through thick and thin. If they win, I’m almost certain they are going to get married.

Iyke that grabbed Theresa from day one because of her age:

Until Sylvia came in, Theresa was the only one Iyke felt he could couple up with, seeing as the other babes in the Love Pad were quite older than him. Theresa liked him, but liked Louis even more, but when it came down to making a choice, she chose Iyke. Now, we have them serving young love goals with zero stress since they became a couple.

Chiddy Bankz, the answer to Sylvia’s prayer:

Sylvia came in a week late, leaving her with no choice but to work with Jerry, who unfortunately didn’t like her. She literally kept begging for love and attention until Chiddy came in and they became a couple. If sweetness and positive vibes were a person, that’d be Sylvia. Chiddy has been the direct opposite of what Jerry was to her.

Ultimate Love Finalists

Arnold is still here, working hard with his “task”.

Bear with me guys, but I’m yet to recover from Arnold calling Bolanle a task. Not to be dramatic, but this is more than enough reason for Bolanle to dump his ass after the show. Bolanle is very much into him but the feeling is not mutual. Maybe she’s carrying on with him for the sake of staying long in the Love Pad, or she’s just blind to how uninterested he is in dating her, we’ll find out shortly.

Is Chris’ patient dog eating the fattest bone (ChrisVille)?

Remember Chris was without a partner for two weeks after everyone got coupled up? They coupled up of necessity and they’ve settled into that couple life pretty well. At least, ChrisVille no longer says she reminds him of his mother. Small win. Just like Arnold, he’s not exactly into Chris and more interested in the fame and platform, but my good sis is now in love.

As the show steadily comes to an end, no thanks to Coronavirus, we can’t wait to see who will win this.

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