Welcome to the daily Ultimate Love recap. Ultimate Love is the hottest reality show in town, and we’ll be giving you a recap of all the drama, the awwns and the ehyas. Stick around!

The show is coming to an end a week earlier than planned, no thanks to Coronavirus. Two Ultimate Love couples might be going home later today, so the karaoke that happened in the house on Day 45 might just be THEIR send forth party.

Eleven couples have been trimmed down to seven, so let’s take a look at the Ultimate Love couples that might take their relationship beyond this show and IG live.

Iykeresa: Iyke made it known from day one that he had eyes for just one person in that house – Theresa. That has not changed yet. We hope it doesn’t, because their families are equally invested in that relationship.  Iyke’s mother is not even playing. She already gave her daughter-in-law to be a nickname – Agbani.

Their relationship in the house has also been quite smooth. They talk a lot about life after the Love Pad, including marriage and prenup.

Ultimate Love Couples

Chivia: Leg rub today, back rub tomorrow, omo Jaiye Jaiye. There was a time Sylvia was begging to be loved by Jerry, but he couldn’t be bothered. God answered her prayer by sending Chiddy Bankz her way, and that one is about to finish her with love, affection and attention.

Sylvia clearly came to this life to flex, and Chiddy has proven to be more than capable. We hope it remains so after the show.

Ultimate Love Couples

RoKsie – This ship started rocky, but Aunty’s hardwork and patience is why they’re on this list today. We might not know what Kachi does for a living aside his fade cream business, but those two have been exchanging saliva, talking about living together after the show and Kachi resuming duty as step daddy to Rosie’s kid(s). 

Ultimate Love Couples

PreshDavid: These two chose each other against all odds. They already planned to be each other’s partner before they entered the Love Pad.

This didn’t stop the relationship from having its share of problems. Presh was initially forming hard girl, while David was also forming “I’m the man in the relationship”, but they after several fights and arguments, they’ve both calmed down for each other. Now, they’re just loving up and enjoying each other’s company. Really sweet. 

We are rooting for these couples! May the best man win!

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