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Here’s everything that happened on Ultimate Love Day 30.

Day 30 in Aunty’s Love Pad was kind of gloomy. Roksie and Bolar are still not happy about having so many nominations and insist it’s a gang up. Whatever it is, the game remains the game. Chin up, girls.

Roksie, Bolar, and Chivia on top

The voting result from last week is out. Roksie, Bolar, and Chivia are the couples with the highest number of votes respectively. All three are up for possible check out again, and I suspect they’ll scale through again this week.

Bolar back in the Love Nest

There was a puzzle challenge for the love couples last night and it was the women’s turn to hustle for the love nest. Bolanle is clearly the only who has mastered her husband-to-be’s face. The rest are not serious at all.

Usual Monday night snooze fest, AKA Movie Night

Monday nights are for movies in Aunty’s Love Pad. The movies are so boring that even the Love Guests are over it. They just eat the popcorn and sleep off cuddled up on the couch, or simply walk away.

Aunty, how about something fun for these people? Some of them don’t even know their partner’s favourite colour, but they’re being forced to bond over boring movies only Aunty cares about.

Aunty will be saving a couple later this evening, then we can have the complete nomination list.

Well, that everything that happened on Ultimate Love Day 30!


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