Rosie and Kachi (Roksie) have emerged winners of the 2020 Ultimate Love reality show and we are so excited! It’s been seven weeks of watching people search for their missing rib. Some probably found it, and the ones that have been putting up a show can finally go home and rest now. Show is over!

The Ultimate Couple

Rosie and Kachi emerged the ultimate couple, and it was really a tough battle between Roksie and Iykeresa’s fans. For the most part of the show, everyone expected Iykeresa to win, but Roksie’s fans didn’t come to play. Iykeresa were so sure they had this win in the bag, they lost their composure for some minutes when Roksie was announced Ultimate Couple. Good thing they are going home with three hundred thousand naira too.

Roksie’s love story.

Unlike Iykeresa who started professing love to each other forty eight hours into the show, Rosie and Kachi had their ups and down and it’s somehow a miracle that they ended up together.

The Ultimate Prize

Kachi and Rosie’s ultimate prize should be each other’s ultimate prize, but I’m not going to act like the money and other gifts aren’t important as well. To start with, they got a five million naira cash gift on the stage. Kachi was made to commit to Rosie, if he stays true to this commitment and make a proposal ninety days from now, they will be getting a house, and a lavish traditional marriage worth ten million naira. Well, he proposed to Rosie and she said yes!

You can see that Rosie and Kachi (Roksie), winners of the 2020 Ultimate Love reality show are not here to play. They are definitely collecting their house and finessing a traditional wedding out of the producers. I have to stan.


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