If Aunty didn’t pair the love guests after a week, we could have gotten maybe one or all three ships. Coulda woulda shoulda won’t bring things back, but let me live a little. 

Nkechi and Jerry

These two were so aesthetically pleasing. Whew! Jerry came in some days after the show started, which affected his “game” and limited his resources. Even before he started having a conversation with Nkechi, we already picked their wedding date. For reasons best known to her, she chose Jay and that made her lose some of her fans. Must be stressful being a fine girl, because Nkechi had too many men on her case.

Sylvia and Iyke

These two met at the audition and planned to be a couple if they both made it into the house. Unfortunately, Sylvia also came in late, like Jerry. Sylvia thought it was okay to respect Iyke’s relationship with Theresa, instead of going for her man and giving us drama. Clearly, she learnt nothing from PreshDavid. Iyke was uncomfortable for a minute, but best believe we might have a Sylvia and Iyke ship, if Sylvia decided to pull a Presh on Iykeresa. 

Louis and Theresa

These two came in together, unlike others. Theresa was interested in both Iyke and Louis, but Louis wasn’t putting in as much effort, and Iyke wasn’t giving her breathing space. Home girl probably pitched her tent with Iyke because she knew her chances of winning is higher with Iyke, seeing how laid-back Louis was in the Love Pad. 



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