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It’s Ultimate Love Day 44. For the third time in seven weeks, Bolanle and Arnold are back in the Love Nest. But away from that, let’s talk about those “Oh no sweetie, what are you doing” moments we’ve had in the Love Pad.

1. Let’s start with Presh, a bold queen that wasn’t going to let go of her man without a fight.

By the time she got into the the house, which was five days after the show started, her love interest, David Wilson already had a thing going with Rosie, but Presh would rather die than give up without trying to get her man back. She spoke to Rosie about it, then went ahead to pick David as her first choice. This was when I knew I had to stan this go-getting queen.

Omotoke Fatoki

2. That time Rosie revealed that she ditched plan B and wrote David’s name three time.

This didn’t just made me scream, it also made me cringe to death. Rosie, like every other love guest was advised to pick three men, but she cancelled Christmas on her other options and picked David’s name thrice. LMAOO this babe really tried it, because, how could you leave your house to find love (read husband), then decided to die on one person’s matter after four working days, as if you already exchanged vows with him?

3. That time Uche asked to check out a few minutes after being paired with Chris

Because Uche didn’t get any of his three choices, he had to couple up Chris, someone he wasn’t feeling. Tell me why this guy asked to check out less than 30 minutes after agreeing to be Chris’ partner? Anyway, he was allowed to check out the next day, but we will never forgive him for embarrassing Chris.

4. That time Obi left Chris for Ebi after a lot of tears, praying, and fasting.

Ultimate Love Day 44

Ebi fasted and prayed her way into being picked by Obi, Chris’ old love interest. But you really can’t be mad at Ebi, a sis did what had to be done, in other to get a man.

5. That time Nkechi held Jerry’s hands as if she even considered him – when she had just Jay on her mind.

Ultimate Love Day 44

Remember that a lot us wanted Nkechi and Jerry as a couple, but they both disappointed us. We were all ready to throw hands and shoes at Nkechi when Dakore announced her and Jay as a couple, because this babe had the nerve to sit beside Jerry and held his hand, as if she picked him three times like Rosie did with David.

Ultimate Love Day 44

May God forgive Nkechi, because that babe really sold us dreams.

7. That time Arnold referred to Bola as his task, while speaking to his ex. 

Ultimate Love Day 44

Arnold’s ex – well not exactly an ex since he said they have an unfinished business, paid him an unexpected visit in the house, and that was the moment he told his ex and viewers that Bolanle is just a task to him in the house. I mean, we know he’s not exactly into Bolanle like she is, but referring to her as a task tho?

Ultimate Love Day 44

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