As an anime fan, I admit that there are some anime dads I once wished would adopt me. For example, Jiraya technically isn’t a dad, but he counts, even if he motivates his protégés by turning into naked women, which is actually not okay. 

In fact, there are a lot of anime dads who did weird shit that anime writers sold to us as normal. As a kind person, I decided to share their evil deeds with you in this article because why not? Shalom. 

Endeavor (My Hero Academia)

You know how Nigerian parents motivate you to work hard, and don’t let you rest, then you start thinking it’s normal not to rest? That’s this man. All he cared about was training his son, Todoroki because he was the only one of his four children to have both parents’ quirks. Endeavor neglected his other children and trained Todoroki tirelessly. I mean, was the training for a good cause? Yes. Did Todoroki learn to be a better hero and person? Yes. But that’s not the point. To be fair, if my name was Endeavor, I too would move mad sha. 

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Grisha Yeager From (Attack on Titan)

It’s hard to say whether any character in Attack on Titan is good or bad because sometimes you have to make selfish decisions when your country is at war. Grisha trained his first son to be a spy and turned his second son into a flesh-eating monster to protect them. While the thought was sweet, why did he make Eren eat him just for plot development? Why would he traumatise him like that? Oh, and the best part? Turning Eren into a titan reduced his lifespan to 13 years. I present to you the father of the year. 

Minato Namikaze (Naruto)

I wanted to cut him some slack at first because he died before Naruto was born, so he couldn’t have been that bad. But, Minato sealed the nine-tailed monster that killed him in his newborn baby, Naruto, without even thinking twice. The least he could have done was write Naruto a letter preparing the boy for the amount of hate the villagers would have towards him, but did he do that? No, Minato waited until Naruto turned 16 to meet him through Ninja magic. He got punched in their first meeting as he deserved. Minato is a good guy, but what was he thinking? 

Shiro Fujimoto (Blue Exorcist)

This man was a paladin, a fancy name for a pastor specialising in exorcisms. This man saved the lives of Satan’s twin babies, Rin and Yukio, and adopted them, which was nice. But the least he could have done was tell Rin he had inherited the devil’s power. Instead, he told Yukio and trained that one to be a paladin to “protect” his demon brother. On top of all this, he still had the audacity to die with many unanswered questions. If I see this man? It’s on sight. 

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Jouichirou Yukihira (Food Wars)

Jouichirou is a professional chef, the best chef in this anime world. He made cooking with his son Soma look so fun, teaching him life lessons on the side. It was cute until he woke up one day and abandoned Soma, and their small food kiosk, to supposedly make him self-reliant! Then, he sent a letter asking Soma to apply to the chef school he finished from without preparing the poor boy for how shitty those rich kids can be. He’s just lucky he fathered an “aspire to perspire” son who thinks he can win anything with friendship on his side. If not? Poison straight.

Kuniharu Saiki (The Disastrous Life Of Saiki) 

This man is probably one of the funniest anime dads. He was also super sensitive to his kid’s needs and loved his wife. But did he make his psychic son fix all his problems, including the work and marriage-related ones? Yes, and that’s totally not normal. I need this man to find shame and borrow it from wherever he found it. 

Shou Tucker (Fullmetal Alchemist)

If ththere’sne thing the anime community agrees on itit’shat this guy is the worst dad in the history of dads. At first, they made him seem like this nice guy who loved his daughter and dog and was just trying to make it in the world of science magic (aka alchemy). His alchemy career wasn’t working out, so the state took his license away. This man of sane mind now decided that the best thing to do was to use alchemy to merge his daughter, Nina, with their pet dog, turning them into a chimera. After doing this, he still tried to gaslight the creature, talmbout how no one understands him. Uncle, even satan will not understand you. Rest.

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