Nigerians are the most expressive people in the world; don’t ask us how we know, but if you’ve never watched anime with a group of Nigerians, you’re missing out on a good time. 

Here are seven reasons ‌why watching anime with Nigerians is hilarious.

Every genre becomes comedy

The anime character will slice someone’s head, and one silly person will be like, “See as dem slice my guy head like goat.” it makes no sense, but everyone will burst into laughter. If you’ve been putting off watching a particular anime because it’s too scary, just invite a bunch of Nigerians to watch with you and be ready to laugh through the horror. 

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Every character looks like someone they know

If a character has a big head, someone will suddenly remember to mention that it looks like their secondary school principal. Another person will tap the closest person to them and say, “No be your mama, be that?” Nigerians are rude. 

The commentary is comedy gold

Nigerians can’t watch something and keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves, and anime will always give you a lot to talk about. If the hero is losing a fight, they’ll start encouraging them as if the hero can hear them. If the character is about to make stupid decisions, the insults they will receive will make you laugh till you fall sick.

Nigerians are always hyped up               

Be ready to forget what happened in some episodes, because if the hero wins a big fight, people will start shouting or singing. The best thing you can do is to pause that anime and enjoy that hilarious moment where your friends are super-hyped for no reason. You don’t want to have to keep rewinding.

They are overdramatic as hell 

If a side character dies, everyone will become solemn because one yeye person will now start saying shit like, “And he probably had a wife and kids at home oh! Chai, his family will be looking for him,” meanwhile, the character could be a 14-year-old orphan. Next thing you know, they’ll start trading their most painful anime character deaths because Nigerians love a good Sufferhead Olympics. 

The moment they show a food scene, it’s over 

Nigerians are competitive, especially when they shouldn’t be. The main character will be eating fancy-looking ramen with his friends, and someone will just be like, “Omo, I can make this thing na. Is it not noodles and egg with vegetables?” Then they’ll start talking about all the ways they make their noodles. Next thing you know, someone is cooking it to prove a point.  

They can vex ehn

One minute you’ve paused your anime to talk about the mad fight scene you guys just watched, and the next moment somebody is insulting your dad because you called a character weak, it’s all jokes, though, and while it can be annoying at that moment, when you think back at the memory you’d surely laugh

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