As an anime fan, if you choose not to join any group chat full of Nigerian anime fans, I understand. Those people can frustrate your life with the most foolish conversations and ruin your day with the silliest takes. Here are picks of the nine most annoying types of conversations that go on in every Nigerian anime group chat. 

1. “Who is stronger than who?”

You don’t know hell until you’ve witnessed people having this conversation every day. And the answer to this yeye question is none. No one is stronger than the other, hell sometimes they aren’t even from the same universe, so these comparisons make no sense. 

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2. “Naruto is the best anime”

We get it. You’ve spent half your life watching Naruto and now it’s all you can talk about.  But here’s the truth: there’re lots of anime series that are better than Naruto. Try dey open your mind sometimes.  

3. “Sakura is useless” 

Are you even in an anime group chat full of Nigerian men if they don’t bring up this conversation every day? Never mind that she proved over and over that she was just as good as her overpowered teammates. Even if the earth were to be split into two, you’d still find someone typing this in the group chat. 

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4. “Beat my wallpaper”

No one wants to wake up to see 100+ wallpapers on their phone, but if you are on an anime group chat, you’ll eventually have to get used to this nonsense. Sha save the ones you like. 

5. “Best fight scenes” 

These conversations would be fun if they actually brought up good fight scenes that don’t involve Naruto. Can’t take you seriously if everything you love about anime comes from Naruto. 

6. Comparing Marvel or DC characters to anime characters 

Again, how? In what universe or multiverse will they ever get to exist at the same time? Why must you pitch two bad bitches against each other? Hell, they don’t even speak the same language. And no, Superman will not beat up one punch man. 

7. “Best anime villain”

The only reason this ‌conversation is annoying is that people will talk about villains like Madara and someone will come and say Frieza. That’s enough reason to swear for someone until you remember that it doesn’t even matter because the 14-year-old protagonist is going to defeat the villain anyway. 

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