Some of you have coconut heads and will decide to take these as recommendations. Don’t do it. We’re trying to warn you about the possibility of sleepless nights. It will end in tears. 

Devilman Crybaby

Akira, the protagonist, woke up after a night of clubbing and was double everyone’s height, could run super fast and had a demon living inside him. Clearly, this anime was written by a Nigerian parent to stop people from going to clubs. After watching this, you just might. 

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Berserk was definitely written by one of those secondary school seniors because half of those villains were giving Lady Koi Koi energy. Both the manga and the anime are so unhinged that only a crazy person would watch or read them before going to bed.

Attack on Titan

Is this anime greater than semo? Maybe. Will it scar you? Yes, for life. You don’t know bad dreams until you’ve seen a Titan eat a human being and chew them like hot suya. They’re terrifying to look at, and even though this anime has more to offer than naked Titans eating humans for fun, it doesn’t make it any less scary. 

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The moment any anime starts with a quiet-looking boy and his equally quiet parents, expect the worst, and Parasyte did not disappoint. Imagine casually walking with a parasite that has taken over your left hand and has a mind of its own. Even though they become a superhero duo fighting other parasites, you’ll never get used to someone’s head randomly exploding in the first episode. 

Tokyo Ghoul

If violence and blood are not your thing, you best skip this anime because it has lots of that. The scenes in this anime always occur at night, which is a big red flag. The music that plays during fight scenes alone will give you a heart attack. The main character, Kaneki, was frequently tortured and had parts of his body amputated. Think of those videos Nigerian parents like sharing on WhatsApp, and it’s worse than that. 

Elfin Lied

Elfin Lied doesn’t even give you space to breathe with the horror, gore and blood. It’s about the complicated relationship between humans and diclonius, who are mutant humans with horns. The anime starts with kids killing a puppy that belongs to Lucy, the first diclonius, and it goes downhill. Lucy, of course, goes insane from all the torture she went through and now rips up limbs for fun. Please don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Death note

A human with the power to kill anyone with a book and pen, omo? To make matters worse, his sidekick looks like all of Nigeria’s problems on meth. Watch this and be ready for your mount zion films level sleepless nights. 

Demon slayer 

Demon slayer is mostly funny and full of adventure until the demons come out. Since the title warns you, you’d think that you’d know what to expect, but no, these demons look like the ones your Nigerian mum warns you to pray against, except not even prayers can save you from them. A word is enough for the wise. 

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