At a recent concert, Tiwa Savage, revealed that her song, Somebody’s Son featuring Brandy, is a gospel song with the “son” being Jesus Christ. For most of you, it was a surprise, but for fans like me, we been knew. 

Just like Somebody’s Son, here are some other Tiwa Savage gospel songs you may have missed due to lack of focus. 


There’s nothing like the love of God, and Tiwa gets it. That’s why she sings, “Sugar, Sugarcane. Something wey sweet like sugarcane,” in the intro of her song, Sugarcane. By the time we get to the bridge, Tiwa is in full gratitude mode singing about how God lights up her world like the “Fourth of July” and scatters her medula with His sweet, sweet love. 

Eminado (feat. Don Jazzy)

Tiwa was probably deep in the spirit and speaking in tongues when she recorded Eminado. I don’t know what it means, but something about it feels spiritual. 


One of Tiwa’s biggest hits, Koroba, is about knowing who you are and not letting the world’s opinions distract you from fulfilling your purpose on earth — enjoyment. Please don’t ask me how I know these things. If you listened with a heart willing to receive, you’d get this message too. 

All Over 

Remember that old Sunday school song that goes: “Bend low, bend low, bend low and see what the Lord can do”? Yes, that’s the inspiration behind Tiwa’s All Over. A song about understanding the importance of thanksgiving, All Over is the perfect song to play when you get that job or alert you’ve been praying for. 


Real fans like me know Tiwa’s Wanted is a gospel song about defeating the Devil. She literally sings, “When he started to beg, I left him there,” at one point, and then in the chorus, she goes, “By the way, nothing you fit do. Because by the way, I’m badder than you.” 

The Devil is the person she’s obviously “badder” than. So the next time you secure victory over principalities and powers of the underworld, play Wanted as a middle finger to the Devil. 

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It takes someone who’s suffered at the hands of Nigeria to really get the powerful meaning behind 49-99. Unlike Wanted, which is a victory song, 49-99 is a prayer request for when you’re in the trenches. Do you think Tiwa was just vibing when she sang, “Omo, no be so me I want to live o”? No, dears, it’s the prayer of a sister seeking God’s face. 

Another angle: The song might actually be about the virgins in the bible waiting for their bridegroom. Tiwa probably missed the maths, but something tells me “49 sitting” is for the virgins that stayed, while “99 standing” is for the virgins that went to buy kerosene. 

Love Me x3

Love Me x3 starts with, “Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down. But ara mi bale, when you’re around.” What does the bible say about the peace of God again? Well, it passes all understanding for sure. Amen? 

Save My Life 

To be fair, any song with the word “Bere” automatically falls into a praise and worship playlist. If you’re not bending down to dance for Jesus, who are you doing it for, Satan? 


Even the self-proclaimed African Bad Gal knows it’s hard out here for a Christian sister with temptation flying everywhere. Tiwa sang Temptation because Wizkid was tempting and leading her astray. My good sis didn’t want to be derailed from her heavenly race, so she called out for help. 

Work Fada

On Work Fada, Tiwa speaks against laziness, calling on her brother and sisters to get up and work. Does that sound familiar? If you’ve read Proverbs 24, verses 33-34, you’d understand where Tiwa is coming from. 

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