Every now and then, your phone buzzes and you see a bank alert. In this moment, your mind races through a ton of possibilities. Is it credit alert? Debit? What do they want? Why are they messaging me if its not credit alert?

Here are 5 stages your mind runs through when you receive messages from your bank.

Credit alert

Unarguably, this is the king of all alerts. Nothing in this life beats a credit alert notification. You watch as your account balance has swollen and you start budgeting which food platter you’re going to buy because you’re forever a foodie (no need to be ashamed. This is a safe space).

Debit alert

The instant you receive a debit alert, your heart starts to race. You start thinking about your weekend and all the things you spent money on. This is where the regret starts to set in as you wonder whether that tray of small chops is really worth the heartbreak your account is going through.

Monthly account statement

I’m sure banks send this to you so that all your reckless spending in the month is laid bare to you. Cast your eyes upon your spending habits and be ashamed. You bought that mad shoe that you’ve always wanted, but at what cost? Your monthly statement will show you the cost.

Card maintenance fee

First of all, why does my card need maintenance? What exactly is the maintenance? Are they changing the engine oil in the card or what? Card that is in my wallet all month? What is the meaning of this?

SMS Notification Charge

If there’s an award for the most annoying charge, this would take the price. Because can anybody explain why your bank is charging YOU because THEY sent YOU a credit/debit alert? Lord make it make sense.

Birthday/Holiday Messages

When you realise that your bank is going to charge you an SMS notification fee for the birthday and public holiday messages nobody asked them for, your blood starts to boil. Who asked them for birthday wishes? Instead of them to send you money for your birthday.

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