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They had their usual Friday night party, and it was fun. Cherry, Rosie, Ebi, and Meriton gave us a show. The girls won this round.

After Rosie it’s still Rosie, and even more Rosie 

Two men in came in at different times to toast Rosie. As in, toasters came in from outside oh, because they’re now too impatient to wait for her to leave the show! I Celebrate you, Rosie. Original woman, hot cake. 

Rosie sweetie, are you really heartbroken or you’re just milking this?
Rosie had a talk about her healing process with her “ex”, David and she is finding it hard to trust people again, because of that small heartbreak.

In all of this, Presh was asleep. Meanwhile, her man was seeking closure from his ex. Men? Tueh.

What is Kachi’s fate inside and outside the house?

It’s not easy to be coupled up with the most wanted babe in the Love Pad sha. Aside the fact that she’s yet to get over David, she still has her eyes on Jerry and would have gone for him when she had the opportunity to swap. There’s also Chiddy Bankz and Arnold who really wanted Rosie as their partner. Now, Rosie is saying it’s friendship she wants, not relationship.

Rosie sweetie, how about you check out and go make friends elsewhere? Aunty’s Love Pad is for those looking for bae, abeg.


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