Lesbian Visibility week started on April 26th. It is a week set aside to celebrate lesbians around the world. Being a lesbian in Nigeria sometimes involves listening to people volunteering their assumptions about lesbians. In this article, I asked 7 Nigerian lesbians the funniest misconception of lesbians they’ve heard. Here’s what they had to say:

Funniest Misconception Of Lesbians

Dinma, 27

The one I keep hearing is that I hate men. They also say I have never had a good fuck from a good dick. One has even suggested that I should be have threesomes with men to enjoy sex better because there’s no sex without dick. Another person said it’s marine spirit that possessed me. 

Nkay, 24

The funniest thing I’ve heard is that I’m practicing lesbianism. A practice, LMAO!

Titi, 27 

My ex boyfriend asked if it’s because he impregnated someone else that I became a lesbian. One man was trying to convince me to have sex with him by saying that if I had sex with him, it won’t stop me from being a lesbian.

Cynthia, 30 

One man once told me that I have not had sex with a man I truly connected with that’s why I am a lesbian. He said I should keep trying until I learn to love it. LOL. 

Oby, 25

My mom used to say lesbians have sex with tools. This means there is a special place in hell for us. 

Nike, 19 

My friends used to say a woman can’t give me what I need in life. I don’t even know what means. What do they think I need and why do they think they are the ones who know it better? One time, one of them asked me why I was depriving myself of a good life? LOL

Simi, 22

The funniest thing I have heard is that too many men must have broken my heart and that is why I am gay. I laughed when they said it. 

 Vee, 20

I was 18 when my mum outed me to my dad. He told me that lesbians never make it in life. I said, “What about Ellen Degeneres?” He said it’s because she’s white. My aunt said lesbians get mouth cancer because they are always eating pussy. Omo, I couldn’t talk. 

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