Welcome to Jibiti month! As you all know, June has been set aside as a month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in its fullness and beauty. And while the community doesn’t get to celebrate in Nigeria like other countries, many queer Nigerians are celebrating in their own little way — through music and dance. To celebrate pride month, we took a peek into their playlists for the best songs to vibe to this season.  Here’s our official Pride 2022 playlist. Get into it, yuh! 

1. Get into the Mila Jam’s inclusive It’s Raining Them 

— Izzie

This song reminds me that I’m queer, I’m here, and I’m going to shine no matter what. 

2. Rina Sawayama’s Chosen Family reminds me of the bond we share as a community. 

— E.B

When people think of pride songs, they think of pop and upbeat songs. For me, it’s the opposite. I think Rina Sawayama’s Chosen Family is an important song. The lyrics highlight the shared pain and joy of queer people all over the world, and how we’re able to create a bond to form new familes and communities. 

3. If the gays ever form our country, Todrick Hall’s Parade should be our national anthem

— Moses

Todrick Hall’s Parade intensifies my homosexuality, making me feel proud and causing me to vogue. The voices of the black choir that sings the chorus with Todrick give my knees the strength to successfully pull off a ballroom routine worthy of 10s across the board. Anytime they open their mouths, I do a death drop that I’m pretty sure would make RuPaul die of excitement. That song is magic. 

4. Every ABBA song is queer AF! 

— Nini

The only aunt I was out to — she’s late now — was obsessed with ABBA and would play their songs non-stop when I was little.  I became obsessed. Plus, I think Mamma Mia is the gayest movie ever made. I can’t count how many times I’ve cried about a partner travelling abroad to I Have a Dream or how many times I’ve been sad about my reality as a queer person in Nigeria, crying and dancing along to Dancing Queen. They’re my comfort band and songs, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. Wo Fie by Sister Deborah and Angel Maxine is the most iconic African queer anthem. Period! 

— Ehi 

The first time I heard Wo Fie, I thought it was a parody or joke of some sorts. It’s funny, but in a way that makes homophobic people realise how ridiculous their bias is. The video is also hilarious AF, and it feels empowering to see an African trans woman like Angel Maxine kill it on screen. Inject it inna mi veins!

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6. Lady Donli’s MKK makes me feel like I can snag bad bitches

— Toke

Lady Donli’s MKK speaks to my soul and spirit and just screams “gay”. It makes me feel like I have, and can get many babes in real life, which is not true, but we move. I listen to it to feel good.

7. I can’t really dance, but Azealia Banks’ 212 makes me move every time. 

— Joel

Truth is, 212 is a senseless oontz oontz club song made for the gays. It doesn’t have any meaning, but whenever life is doing me somehow and I just want to feel good, I put on this song and dance with the skills I don’t have. Don’t tell anyone, but I have the perfect mob dance break in my head to the bridge of this song, and hopefully I get to do it someday. 

8.  I want that feeling Kehlani is singing about on Melt.

— Elizabeth 

Listening to Melt, you can tell that Kehlani feels safe with her partner. I love how she uses the lyrics of this song to describe that feeling, and to be honest, who doesn’t want to feel safe with the person that they love? 

9. There’s something unapologetically gay about Todrick Hall’s I Like Boys. 

— Seun 

I Like Boys is an upbeat song that is guaranteed to make me dance. Singing the lyrics makes me feel like I’m letting everyone know that yes, I’m gay, and it’s time for them to revel in the fabulousness that is this pride and joy. 

10. Want to feel like a bad bitch? Listen to Doja Cat’s Boss Bitch

— Ikenna 

As soon as Boss Bitch starts, I want to strut in heels and tell everyone to clear road because a bad bitch is coming through. Perod!

11. Niniola doesn’t know it yet, but Bana has made her a gay icon

— Derrick

Something about the groove and beat of Bana is incredibly gay. You have no choice but to body roll and drop to the floor as soon as the beat drops. This will always be a bop that makes me feel good. 

12. Flava by Lady Donli is a certified lesbian bop! 

— Mariam

Lady Donli’s Flava sounds so lesbian with all the soft voices and sweetness. I love it!

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