If you’ve been following this year’s Big Brother show then you’ve probably had 5 or 6 moments where you thought Big Brother sounded a lot like an average Nigerian parent. Here are 5 of those times;

1. Adding “immediately” to his sentences.

“Move to the garden immediately”. Because he can’t yell like a typical Nigerian parent he adds “immediately’ to do the job.

2. The way he wastes no time to address even the tiniest bit of disrespect.

zikoko - big brother

Whether stated outrightly or implied this year’s Biggie suffered no insult.

3. When he tells evicted housemates to leave in 10 seconds and legit starts counting to 10. 

zikoko - big brother

Classic Nigerian parent move. But have you ever wondered what will happen if an evicted housemate refused to leave?

4. When he tells the housemates to enter the diary room properly dressed.

zikoko - big brother

As if they have not been on National TV the whole time they were outside the diary room.

5. Telling them to settle their issues.

zikoko - big brother

Or chop strike. The Nigerian parent version would be “say sorry to your brother or I will flog both of you”.

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