When Brighto first came into the Big Brother house a lot of people underestimated him. And it didn’t help that he was very quiet. But 2 weeks after he has proven to be the resident Lord Baelish/3 eyed raven/relationship counselor/content creator we didn’t know we needed. Last night he came through for every housemate dealing with relationship issues and even though he was giving bad advice, he was there for them and giving the viewers the content they are paying for. Here are 19 hilarious Brighto jokes that will have you rolling on the floor;

1. Before the real unveiling of Brighto.

2. Biggie watch out, there’s some competition in the house.


4. Brighto will get these boys in trouble.

4. The resident plot twister himself.

5. Now this is something.

6. Brighto doing what he does best.

7. Always ready to help his housemates.

8. Saying it as it is.

9. LOL!

10. Man with all the inside gist.

11. And going forward we would very much want him to keep up the energy.

12. He has done his part, the rest is up to them.

13. This should probably be investigated.

14. LMAO!

15. Facts only.

16. Bio successfully updated.

17. LMAO!

18. Brighto must be protected at all costs!

19. Everybody should better come correct.

How it will end las las.


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