There’s no bromance without romance. So while you might be paying that saxophonist to serenade your lover and annoy their co-workers, consider doing something for your bro this Valentine’s Day. 

Here are some affordable and super thoughtful options: 

₦10k cash in new naira notes 

Before we go too far, have you considered giving your bro this ₦10k in crisp ₦1000 notes? In case you don’t know, the naira note is almost as scarce as the dollar these days. So make your friend’s life easier by being his personal Meffy baby. 

A framed picture of his dream house 

Since you can’t buy your friend his dream house, why not buy a picture of said house, frame it and give that to him today? This way, he’ll be gingered to double his hustle to afford the house every time he sees your gift. A good friend motivates in the face of sapa.

Tinder premium subscription 

Who knows, your friend might find love on Tinder and make you his best man. Then at the wedding reception, you get to tell the story of how he met his bride on the dating app you paid for. Think ahead.

A PS5 stand 

I get it. Your friend doesn’t have a PS3, four or five. But it’s the thought that counts, not the practicality of your gift. 

5-in-one shampoo, conditioner, face wash, deodoriser and body wash 

His babe already got him that casted 3-in-one shampoo, body wash and conditioner. While it shouldn’t be a competition between you and his madam, nothing stops you from going the extra mile with this thoughtful gift. 


We Hooked Up Before We Became Best Friends — Edem and Chide

A teddy bear 

Boys need stuffed animals to cuddle too. Just because we grew up doesn’t mean we don’t miss our Pokemon and Barney teddies. Help your bro connect with his inner child today. 

Ashawo shorts 

The shorter the shorts, the better. Only enemies of progress buy shorts that touch the knees for their best friend. I’d like you to ponder on this for a minute: are you the weapon fashioned against your guy? You’d get him briefs disguised as short shorts if you’re not an opp. 

₦10k fuel 

Queuing at the petrol station to buy a keg for your friend is the highest form of intimacy in the year of our Lord, 2023. Go the extra mile so your friend can go a few more miles in their car. 

Creamy pasta 

Nigerian babes are not the only ones obsessed with creamy pasta. Whether or not we want to admit it, we men love some thick creamy penne pasta. The only difference is we don’t order it seven days a week. Buy your guy pasta, but remind him he has to pay for delivery because ₦10k can’t perform magic. 


Miley Cyrus asked us to be independent and buy ourselves flowers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your best friend to a beautiful-smelling bouquet today. 

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