On the internet, the term ‘ashawo dress’ or ‘ashawo cloth’ has evolved and now largely means a piece of clothing that makes you feel sexy. For women, there are more than a few dresses or ensembles that have gone viral for doing just that so we decided to ask a few Nigerian men, what their own version of an ‘ashawo dress’ is.

Here eight Nigerian men tell us what their ashawo clothes are.

Derek, 25.

I have a  pair of black really short shorts that hug my ass and go with almost every shirt I own. Anytime I want to feel sexy, I just wear it and it always works because I always look good in them!

Tayo, 26.

My ashewo combo is usually short shorts and open necked shirt. I have long legs so I like to shower them off. As for the shirt, I like having a chain with a pendant dangling in view on my chest. I’m quite a whore so it makes me feel like I’m in my element.

Ayomide, 24.

You know how there’s a particular pair of jeans that just accentuate everything? I have two like that and I only wear them when I know I want to see a new love of my life. They make me feel very sexy every time I wear them. 

Christian, 28.

For me, it’s grey sweatpants. I think they are the ultimate ashawo clothes for men. They are easy to put on, easy to take off when you want to get down to business, they look great on everyone and if you are well-endowed you can show that off too because advertising doesn’t hurt anyone.

Alvin, 26.

Every time I wear short shorts I feel like a slut and I love it. With a short-sleeved patterned shirt and sneakers or sandals, it makes me feel like the sexiest man everywhere I go. 

Victor, 30.

Sleeveless shirts with gym shorts are, in my opinion, the ultimate ashawo clothes for men. It makes everything that needs to pop to do so in such a beautiful and glorious way. I have several sets and I make as many excuses as possible to wear them out even when not going to the gym.

Michael, 29.

For me, it’s a well-tailored traditional up-and-down. It sounds boring but I think it looks so good on me and always brings me luck with the ladies.

Tobi, 26.

I think I have two. The first is short shorts – I honestly don’t care for them much but it’s what the fans want so I’ll give it to them. And I recently became obsessed with thongs! They just make you feel so sexy and naughty especially when you wear them with thigh high stockings.

  • Names have been changed for the sake of anonymity.



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