The question of what to buy a man that has everything is a true dilemma for the girlies. Because we are so helpful, we’ve put together a list of things you can get them. 

1. Table mat

Nigerian men are always asking what women bring to the table. You can buy a set of table mats to set the table for the other things you will bring to the table. 

2. BYC singlet

Forget what they say, they actually love the singlets. After complaining, they will wear it all the time until it has holes and you have to buy them another one. 

3. Wristwatch straps

You probably cannot afford to buy the wristwatch so just buy the straps and he will know you have tried. 

4. 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer

Men who have everything got there by working hard. Sometimes they don’t have time to shower and do a skincare routine afterwards. This is where a 3-in-1 skincare product comes in. Save their time. 

5. Ring box

He’s going to propose anyway so you can just help him out by buying him a ring box for him to put your ring in when he’s ready. 

Diamond ring in a blue box – 3d render

6. Magnetic earrings

Especially if he works in tech and has recently developed an interest in jewellery. Magnetic earrings will help him decide if he wants to pierce his ear or not. 

7. Black nail polish

Yes, he has everything but does he have black nail polish? If he does, buy him one that has glitters in it. Help him push the standards of masculinity. 

8. A sex toy

You can buy him a fleshlight toy for when you’re not there so he can think of you while he masturbates. You can also add magun so when he is thinking of someone else while he is using it, the thing will hook on his penis. Thank me later. 

9. Flowers

Pretty sure nobody has ever sent him flowers. You can send flowers to his home office along with lunch so he knows you appreciate that he works his ass off to sponsor your baby girl lifestyle. 

10. Gold necklace with your name on it

After all your investments, it’s only right you claim him by marking your territory. It doesn’t have to be your full name. It can just be your initials. 

If you buy any of these gifts and he doesn’t propose within the next three months, dump his ass and invest in another man who has it all. 



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