Whether men like it or not, the streets (aka women) will always try to tell us what to do with our bodies even when it’s not their business. Obviously, we don’t like it, but it’s just what society dishes to us for being the weak ones #MenHaveRightsToo.

And one thing they’ll never stop talking about is our choice of underwear. Why? So you mean to tell me that as a man, whenever I’m walking down the streets of Lagos, women are just thinking about what I’m wearing beneath my clothes?

They even have the guts to tweet about it:

As a man, I’m here to tell you the pros and cons of all the types of underwear you choose to wear. Don’t listen to women. 

These bad boys

Source: Hanes

Pros: Your blokos will breathe and have room to dangle around. Also, you don’t need pyjamas. Just throw one of these bad boys on and you’re good to go to bed. 

Cons: Women will shame you because you remind them of their father. Imagine toasting a woman, and when you eventually get the chance to hit, she starts crying when she sees your boxers because her dad had the exact same type. 

Also, if your John-Thomas decides to rise when you wear these, the chances that they’ll be seen through your trousers are pretty high. 

Boxer briefs

Pros: Nobody can insult you. Apparently, these are what women want us to wear. And let’s not lie, they look sexy and are comfortable as fuck. 

Cons: Depending on the material and brand quality, they could stop your balls from getting air. Sometimes, they roll up the thighs and are uncomfortable too. 

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Source: jjmalibu

Pros: These OGs are a personal favourite. They’re comfortable, go with any outfit, and pretty much keep everything where you left them. Even when your soldier is standing at attention, nobody will know.

Cons: Again, women (and sometimes fellow men) will try and mock you for your choice. Also, if the weather is hot, you’re in trouble. 

Pro tip: use dusting powder. 

And now for the recommendations

My brothers, let’s try to switch things up na

Source: iiniim

Look at these bad boys. The only con here is that other men will see you and try to copy you. And when you really think about it, is it really a con, or are you being an influencer?

They call these “jockstraps”

Source: Jockboxunderwear.com

And the only question you can ask when you look at this picture is, “Why the fuck not?”

And finally

If you’re looking to get off the streets, maybe G-strings are the way yunno?

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