There’s a high chance you’ve heard about the #NoNutNovember challenge. The rules for the challenge are simple: step into November, and do your best not to cum for 30 days. 

While I initially thought the #NoNutNovember challenge was just social media bants. I recently realised some people, mostly men, take it seriously. But why? And most importantly, does anyone really make it to the finish line? 

I spoke to eight Nigerian men, and this is what they had to say about the #NoNutNovember challenge. 

Getting myself off is the only thing that can lift my mood free of charge.”

Tejiro, 30 

Nigeria is already hard, and someone out there expects me to do the #NoNutNovember challenge? God forbid. The way prices are rising daily, doing fun things is becoming a luxury for me. I can’t say I want to go bowling or drinking anymore because it’ll shake my pocket. Even food, a bloody necessity, is expensive AF right now. Getting myself off is literally the only thing that can lift my mood without me having to answer, “Savings or current?” I’m not giving it up for some childish challenge. 

“As a happily married man, #NoNutNovember is not for me.

James, 28

Are people really doing #NoNutNovember? As a happily married man, that can never be me. Even if I wanted to, I’d have to bring my wife on board because my thing is for both of us. Sex is a huge part of our relationship, and we didn’t get married in our 20s to not be having it up and down. Maybe the challenge is for single people, not people like me. 

“It’s been very challenging, but I’ve stuck to it.

Olawale, 33 

I told myself I’d try the #NoNutNovember challenge in 2022, and I’ve stuck to it. I won’t say I was addicted to masturbating, but it became a daily shower ritual after I turned 17.

Doing this challenge has been, no pun intended, very challenging. I’m not going to lie, it’s helped me focus more in the gym and at work. Plus, I save a lot of time in the mornings. I used to spend almost an hour on masturbation because picking the right video or picture was always a tough choice. I find one and keep thinking, “What if the next page or site has a better video?”

“This is my fifth year trying and failing to complete the #NoNutNovember challenge.”

Uzoma, 25

I don’t know how people pull off #NoNutNovember because this is my fifth year trying and failing to see it through till the end. The longest I’ve lasted was 12 days back in 2019. 

The challenge started as a bet between my friends and me to see how long we could go. None of us has made it through the whole month, but it’s something that bonds us together, even though monitoring another man’s masturbation or sex schedule sounds really weird. 

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“I’ve been doing this for two years; one month doesn’t make a difference.” 

David, 38

I’ve chosen to be celibate for 29 months now, and staying off masturbation is part of my plan.

I was in a committed relationship until 2020 when my girlfriend caught me cheating. I realised my obsession with sex ruined our relationship, so I decided not to have sex again until I was in another committed relationship. This #NoNutNovember is a regular month for me. Imagine guys crying about one month when I’ve been on this journey since June 2020. 

“I have zero motivation to subject myself to sexual torture.” 

Ayobami, 20

I can’t do #NoNutNovember, so I don’t even try. I love sex, and it’s all around me, from the people I’m dating to my Twitter timeline, which always has porn one way or the other.
More power to all the men doing it, but unless I missed the memo on the prize money involved, I have zero motivation to subject myself to sexual torture for bants. 

“This challenge has saved me the stress of going through drama just to have sex.” 

Onome, 29 

I decided to try the #NoNutNovember challenge unprovoked for the first time this year, and I’m crushing it. I’d always seen people talk about it on social media, but I didn’t really think anyone was doing it. Out of boredom, and because I’m a single pringle now, I decided to try it out this month, and it’s not been so bad.

Yes, I miss sex a lot, but the whole drama of talking to someone and planning the sex has been a massive burden off my shoulders. I don’t know if I’d be this successful if I was still with my girlfriend sha. I’d have failed from day one. 

“#NoNutNovember, to what end?” 

Hassan, 30 

#NoNutNovember? Please and please, life is too short for me to play rough games like that. I’m sure I could pull it off if I really wanted to, but to what end? I can be disciplined when it comes to sex without starving myself of it completely. Good luck to all the guys doing it, but I’m way too hot to deprive the world of my sexual gifts. No, thank you. 

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