Like it or not, men have had their fair share of suffering in this life. Try not to cry as you read the experiences of these five men as they recount all the horrible ways women have rejected.

1. Deji, 29

I used to be a dead guy until a few years ago. What many people would call a simp. This is the experience that changed me. I liked this babe. We were both in Uni together. Same fellowship too. One of my guys had told her I liked her, and I confirmed that it was true. So we started hanging out a lot. We would go to the movies, and back to her apartment and just gist. We’d have some drinks and just gist. The one time I tried to make a move, she said no, and I respect that. So we just kept hanging around, hoping my time would come. Even now I’ll still say it was going really well. Heading in the right direction.

One day, just like every time, I called her and said we should hang out. She said I should call her later in the afternoon, by 1pm, so we could figure out where to meet. My phone was on 3% and they’d cut our light. So I just put it on airplane mode and waited for the afternoon. It was a hot day. It went by very slowly. And I just waited.

Afternoon came and I finally switched on my phone, and called her. She didn’t pick. Called her about 30 minutes later. Nothing. Airplane mode back on. Waited for an hour. Called her a few more times. Nothing. Long story short, I couldn’t reach her that day, or for the next week or month. She was just gone. I met her about three months later and she just told me, she decided she couldn’t “do it” anymore. Like that was just it. From hanging out a lot and building something, to ghosting me for three months. Yeah that was it.

2. Chike, 23

We’d been friends since primary school. We also went to the same church since we were kids. Our families were close. I started catching feelings as we got older and I even hinted it at her. She didn’t reject me or anything. But a few weeks later, she was speaking in the youth group in church about relationships, and she just randomly mentioned that everyone should follow my example in knowing their place, because even though we were close, I knew nothing could happen between us because she saw me as a brother.

3. Dounard

A woman once told me that she couldn’t date me because I am Liberian. I know she wanted to date from her tribe. Liberia was too far for her. So she looked me in the eyes and said “I can’t date you because you’re Liberian”. Of all the reasons I thought I could be rejected on. I didn’t think being Liberian would be a reason for someone to say no to me. In the end, it’s her loss because I am a spec.

4. Sammy, 27

I went to a beach hang out with my guys, and I spotted her. Dark skinned goddess. I approached and after all the small talk she told me directly, she wasn’t into guys. I didn’t take it as a rejection until three hours later, I saw her taking dick from two guys at once in the parking lot.

5. Osas, 31

Me and this baddie got talking and I started feeling some connection that wasn’t there. We had sex a few times so I decided to invite her for a family function. We even wore matching ankaras and shit. We were all boo’d up.

I’d told one of my older cousins about her and he was excited to meet her so when he finally arrived I took her to him and introduced her as my babe.

She started laughing. Not giggling o, laughing like she was on the front row at a Kevin Hart show. When she finally regained her breath, she let out the exact words “No, he’s just my friend.” then as if that wasn’t enough, she looked at me and said “I like you just as a friend”.

Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” just started playing in my head.

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