17 Pictures That Will Only Make Sense To People Who Grew Up In Nigeria

April 28, 2016

1. This picture you’ll only get if you helped in the kitchen.

If you don’t get it, we can’t epp you.

2. This insult we all fell for the first time.

“I be monkey before before.”

3. The fear this struck in our hearts.

Hay God!

4. This picture that will take you right back to primary school.

“Ah! So you killed your sister.”

5. This game we built ourselves

Just get one fat Tiger battery and a biro cover.

6. The ultimate school shoe.

The strongest.

7. The candy of life.

Sigh! We miss it and P’tit and Goody Goody.

8. The toy that never lasted.

After that ball disappears, it’s all over.

9. The show we all watched.

What even happened to Binta sef?

10. The Nigerian parent’s cure to everything.

If the sickness was too strong they’d just add paracetamol.

11. The realest water bottle ever made.

People that had them were always stingy sha.

12. The sandals we all wanted.

Only for the big boys that time.

13. The ultimate battery killer.

Tiger batteries suffered in our hands sha.

14. The biggest enemy of progress.

This book that could make you run mad.

15. The only friend we had when NEPA was being NEPA.

Rechargable Lamp + Radio + Casette Player = THE BEST!

16. The realest radio ever made.

Palito was EVERYTHING!

17. The one and only way into secondary school.

Ugo C. Ugo!!!

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