17 Pictures You’ll Understand If You Ever Had A Nigerian Secondary School Teacher

April 21, 2016

1. When you greet them and they ask “what’s good about the morning?”

Ah! No vex.

2. When they write “see me” on your assignment.

Oh God! What did I do again?

3. How you feel when you enter the teachers’ staff room:

Chai! Who sent me message?

4. When they tell you to buy cane and bring to school.

Is this even fair?

5. When they are flogging you and they say “if you touch it, I’ll start again.”

Please epp me.

6. When they start cleaning the board and you tell them you haven’t finished copying it.

Hian! Take it easy.

7. When that teacher that hates you tries to be nice to you on visiting day.

Save it.

8. When your favorite teacher bad mouths you to your parents on open day.

Wow. Is it like that?

9. When they wait for their period to be over before they ask “any questions?”

Better carry your load and go.

10. When they hear that your next class is a free period.

Ugh! Just leave us.

11. When they tell the class captain to write names of noise makers and they don’t collect it.

Look at God!

12. When they ask a question and ignore all your classmates with their hands up and pick you.

Why are you asking me? Did I raise my hand?

13. How they set questions:


14. When they wish you good luck before an exam.

See this devil.

15. When they look at your script during a test and shake their head.

Hay God! Should I just start again?

16. How they mark your exam:

17. When you get everything in your exam but they still keep that 1 mark for themselves.

Na wa! Is it that 1 mark you will eat at home?

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