All The Times Miss Trunchbull In ‘Matilda’ Was Pretty Much A Nigerian Principal

1. When she said her motto was:

Nigerian principals were basically obsessed with flogging us.

2. When she appeared and all the students immediately dispersed.

Nothing makes a Nigerian student run faster than the sight of their principal.

3. When she always walked around with a ‘weapon’ for flogging.

They are always ready to flog someone.

4. When she asked Amanda the meanest rhetorical question.

Nigerian principals and rhetorical questions are like one and two.

5. When she called a whole assembly just to punish one student.

Nigerian principals absolutely love publicly shaming their students.

6. When she used the ultimate Nigerian adult logic:

As far as they are older, they are automatically smarter.

7. When Matilda finally reported to her father.

Your parents will never ever believe you over them.

8. When she very clearly hated all her students.

You see a Nigerian principal and wonder why they chose that line of work when they obviously hate children.

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