13 Things That Are Just Too Real For Anyone Who Shared A Room With Their Siblings

August 11, 2016

1. When someone wets the bed and now the whole room is unbearable.

Oh no!

2. When your siblings don’t knock before entering your room then you remember it’s their room too.

So you people cannot sleep on the roof or something?

3. When their friends visit and they decide to hang out in the room.

Hello please we are already too many in this place come and be going!

4. When they enter your side of the room.

With speed and alacrity.

5. When one of your things is missing and you’re not sure you lost it or they took it.


6. When you are ready to sleep but they aren’t ready yet so the light is still on.

Please what are you doing?

7. When they scatter the room and your mother comes to shout at you.

I didn’t even do anything!

8. When your crush calls and you have to hide to talk to him/her so your siblings don’t start adding mouth.


9. How your siblings stare at you when your parents beat you and you go to cry in your room:

“Sorry. Oya what happened?”

10. What the queue for the bathroom looks like:

“I’m after you oh!”

11. When you have a few moments of peace and quiet and the room to yourself.

12. When your siblings come back to scatter your peace of mind.

Is it too much to ask for peace and quiet?

13. When you tell your parents you would like your own room and they suggest you marry:

Na wa oh!

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